Tuesday, June 12, 2007


We enjoyed yet another perfect day, warm but with low humidity and golden sunshine. Kentucky is sitting under an omega block, which gives us extended dry weather, while on either side of this huge low pressure trough, rain is falling in excess of the normal amount. Mick went off to work after Morning Offering saying that he thanked the Lord that he has a big, big job to do right now, taking apart three enormous fallen trees for a customer, which has nothing to do with mowing. He foresees not having to cut at least half of his lawns this next week due to the local draught.

Melissa was up early and after Morning Offering she and I had a two-hour planning session. I came upstairs and worked on the next issue of Light/Lines, writing the comments for that newsletter and sending them to Mick and Gary for corrections. Melissa got her laundry caught up and checked her e-mail.

After enjoying lunch together, Melissa and I again sat down and worked out the rest of our present plans. She left for Avalon soon thereafter. It is very good to have Avalon in her capable hands again.

We talked a lot about group energy and acting as a united group. It is what she desires above all. This is a key factor, we have found, in successful spiritually oriented group work. Gary is also extremely good at working as part of a group, so Mick and I feel increasingly blessed as our spiritual family seems headed on a very good tack. Carmen and Romi also ask only to serve. That is the heart of group work, to know we are all lucky to have good work to do together.

When people begin to feel the group is lucky to have them, then ego takes over and the good feelings fall away. We have seen that happen in our previous community effort on Avalon, with volunteers increasingly at odds and toxic and abrasive feelings setting in which, in the end, spun all the previous members away from Avalon and L/L Research.

This new Avalon effort is far different, and we are blessed to begin again, very modestly, with no projects in mind except for Melissa to settle in at the Ute and, very organically, begin to take up stewardship of the land. Slow and easy does it.

I spent the remainder of the afternoon finishing the first part of Chapter 6 of 101, the section of the yellow-ray discussion on the birth family.

Mick and I had a lovely, relaxed evening after he came home, sharing our bath time and then napping and watching Democracy Now and World Music and bits and pieces of a Star Trek Enterprise block, eventually dining and offering the Gaia Meditation before seeking our beds at 11 PM.