Monday, June 18, 2007


It was a glorious Sabbath! And a glorious day off for Mick and me. I went to early rehearsal and then sang the service at St. Luke’s at 10 AM while Mick cleaned house, arriving back home just before noon. We sat down with our lunch and the film “Trust the Man”. It was frustrating to watch, as the story revolved round two relationships in both of which the guys were being idiots and the women were behaving equally idiotically. However, it had a nice ending, one which saved the film. The players did not get much chance to shine through the murk of the script’s foggy motivations and incoherent lines.

After viewing that film, we decided to take a nap. I woke up three hours later to discover that Mick had awakened after an hour and turned on a great game by the U of L baseball team. They are in the national final play-offs for college baseball, and this in a year when U of L teams have excelled in both football, with a BCS game ending their season, and a final-four basketball year. The women’s basketball and volleyball teams have also excelled. What a year for my alma mater! Go Cards and Go Lady Cards! That game concluded well for U of L and Mick quickly found Tiger Woods almost coming back to win at golf, beaten by one stroke by Mr. Cabreras of Argentina. A terrific day for sports!

Then we popped “Déjà Vu” into the machine and topped off our totally lazy, body-restoring, soul-renewing Sabbath with a good sci fi story. Denzel Washington really shone in his lead role and I greatly enjoyed the film.

We had supper and Gary came upstairs from his basement “apartment” to join us for the Gaia Meditation. We called Jim’s Mom and I read on my Ken Follett political thriller while Mick checked his e-mail, then we retired to my bower bedroom and a kitty-snuggle before lights out at 11 PM.