Sunday, June 17, 2007


The center of my day was St. Luke’s Kidsclothes Picnic. It began with a “Mass in the Grass” at 5:30 and after that al fresco service we wandered down to the horse ring where St. Luke’s had set up a big tent and roasted a pig overnight. Romi and Carmen came with me for the Mass, with Mick finishing up his afternoon of weeding and sharpening and switching out his mower blades and joining us for the food and the bluegrass music. It was the perfect weather for such doings, clear and sunny, but with low humidity and a good breeze. We had a good time together.

For L/L Research I did little more today than write my journal entry for yesterday and clear my desk of some snail-mail business. My energy was very low and most of my day was spent reading and playing solitaire on the computer, just vedging out and relaxing. I got a start on the MacDuffie ’61 newsletter I promised my classmates as well.

Mick and I bade Romi and Carmen good night, had our bath together and then offered the Gaia Meditation, with Jim praying at the end, before we enjoyed the sensual and sacred delights of a romantic evening together, feeling very much in synch with each other. We said our good nights after a snuggle with the kitties around midnight.