Saturday, June 23, 2007


After Morning Offering, Jim and Gary left to mow and mow some mo’ while I came upstairs and spent the morning catching up on some e-mail, collecting a recipe for Stars and Stripes Cake and writing thank you notes to two women who had sent me gifts.

One was from Beth P, my friend since college, who makes beautiful jewelry. She had made some lovely earrings for me from handmade South American silver beads and gems. Her sweet spirit shines through the simple, elegant design.

My other gift was from Kathy N, whom I do not know except through our mutual love of the LOO material. She sent me a “Star Studded Creation”, a tee shirt called “Dove of the Shekinah” after she read one of my articles on Dana Redfield.

Dana would have loved this shirt! In general its design looks like a line drawing in gold thread of the descending dove of spirit. Embedded in the shirt’s design are the stars of the constellation of the Pleiades, overlaid with geometric symbols of spirit. The little tag that comes with the garment reads, “We live in a world of illusion. Geometry validates the theory that we only see half the truth. The fiery flames of spirit inspire the possibility of discovering the lost truth.” Austrian crystals mark the position of the stars of the constellation. It really is a special garment.

Having cleared my desk a bit, I came down for lunch to find that Jim and Gary had completed all of their mowing, so I got to have lunch with them. Sweet! Jim and I stretched and then I spent my afternoon working carefully through Chapter 6. I am getting there, but not finished yet.

Our work of the day having come to a close, Jim and I bathed and enjoyed the no-more-episodes finale of Star Gate SG-1 and the season finale of Star Gate Atlantis. We came downstairs to offer the Gaia Meditation with Gary and dined late, and then we both curled up with our books and read until we got sleepy. We turned out the lights after a kitty-snuggle about 11:30.