Sunday, June 24, 2007


What a delicious Saturday! After a late Morning Offering, Jim worked at any number of chores in the house and when all was restored to order, he set out for an errand round. I came upstairs to work at my snail mail.

I did not have much good fortune this morning due to many laps to the bathroom, as my symptoms were flared up today, but I did clear the desk of all but one letter, filing ideas for columns and working at the desk.

After our big treat of Saturday fast food for lunch, Jim lay down for a nap while I did a radio interview with Marcia McMahon, whose web site address is Marcia herself is an inner-guides-type channel but is a knowledgeable reader of The Ra Material and a most intelligent questioner.

Marcia has recently been filled in with several of the latest versions of the eternal doom-and-gloom, fear-based channeling concerning The End. It was good to be able to speak to that, hopefully defusing the anxiety and tension in the questions with what I had to say. I talked with Don Newsom, head of BBS Radio (, after the show was over about our getting dubs for these interviews, as we can send them to a transcribing volunteer and put the text up on He promised to give me access to the BBS archives.

I came downstairs after that, as Gary had gotten my MacDuffie Newsletter all printed out and sorted. I signed 56 “Carla’s” to the 56 classmates whose addresses I have been able to find – which is a good percentage of the actual graduating class of 70 or so – and mailed off the newsletter. It is I generous seven pages of news about over a dozen classmates who sent me updates. Hopefully I will get more responses over the next few months, and can send an even more complete newsletter next Christmas.

Gary and I talked briefly about several items coming up and then I came back upstairs and fiddled with the computer for a good half hour, trying and failing to print out my UPI column on Ariane Kirtley. I could print it, but the font was too tiny to read. So I printed out my rough draft instead and wrote her a letter to go with the article. I wanted to be sure that she received a copy as she had so very kindly sent me material for the article.

At 5:30 I went over to St. Luke’s, where friends of my parents were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows and then offering a reception. It was touching to see Bill, bent and lame, leading his bride, who got up from the wheelchair she generally uses to walk carefully down the aisle with him. They were a beautiful couple indeed, shining with love.

I stayed at the reception only until we toasted the happy couple and then packed some of the delicious-looking dolly-bun miniature sandwiches to take home to the guys.

Jim was running the bath when I arrived and we enjoyed a lovely whirlpool and then went upstairs to my bower bedroom for a most romantic and slow-paced tryst. As sexual energy runs through my senses, I can feel the connections being made between Jim and me and between the Creator and both of us. I begin, as I age and experience this energy transfer in more and more refined conditions due to Jim’s and my long experience with evoking the God and Goddess within, to understand dimly how sexual energy transfers in sixth density are part of the sunshine we experience each day. Total fusion, total love and total light are the ultimate energy transfer and at a deep level, that is the constant state of creation.

I note Jim’s and my dates because of that awareness. Our energy transfers are part of our service, sacred and blessed.

We eventually emerged for the Gaia Meditation and a late supper. Gary offered the closing prayer. We said good night about midnight.