Monday, June 25, 2007


It was a rainy, rainy Sabbath! What a blessing! It was lovely to hear the soft plashing of the soaking rain on the leaves and see the grass visibly greening again. I do hope the draught is broken.

I sang at St. Luke’s in the morning while Mick cleaned house. We rendezvoused for lunch and a double feature. We saw The Queen, Helen Mirren’s wonderful portrayal of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth embattled after Diana’s death and the latest Steven Seagal film, with a title which had “attack” in it, and did he ever, and did his enemies ever, and was there one decent character in the whole film? Uh uh. I wondered to myself how he had agreed to make such a turkey until I saw he’d written the script and produced. Poor baby. One can get blindsided by one’s own work. Steven, next time, get a second pair of eyes on that script before putting money into the project!

My shoulder and arm were acting up all day to the point where episodically I simply could not think. At one point I had to abandon our TV videos and lie down for a while with my big pillow stretched along my body. This position gives me relief fairly quickly but can be achieved only in my bedroom, which cuts down on work and play, both! Not my fave.

I happen to have an appointment with my rheumatologist tomorrow afternoon, and will be glad to ask her about this continuing flare-up. I really need to feel better than this.

We spent our evening watching Mary Rodwell’s DVD, “Expressions of ET Contact; a Communication and Healing Blueprint”. She had kindly sent us a copy because the video contained information about Dana Redfield. She got it to me way too late to use in my articles but it is good to have a copy for the library archives. It was interesting, intriguing and quite alien. At one point I looked at Mick and noted, “This will not play in Boise!” The group which she helped found in Australia, ACERN (, seems to offer more counseling and coping resources for the UFO experiencer than anywhere else on Earth that I have seen, and in a professional and compassionate way.

I was glad indeed to find sleep tonight! We said good night around 11 PM.