Monday, July 02, 2007


Happy July! We enter the last half of this year today! It’s amazing how quickly the time flees away.

The golden rain trees were in bloom as I headed to church, and the chicory along the lanes was in full bloom as well. We had a good service, singing “America the Beautiful” at the offertory. I was tickled to make it through the whole service without having to run to the bathroom. When in choir robes, in the chancel, on a Sunday morning, the last thing one wishes is to have to leave one’s seat and I was OK today! I really think the cranio-sacral treatments and homeopathic injections are balancing my system.

The remainder of Jim’s and my day was filled with film-watching. We have carved out Sundays as true Sabbath rests, even to moving our weekly meditation meetings to Saturday for next season in order to achieve that on a continuing basis. We had a triple feature!

First we saw “Catch a Fire”, a slow moving, dark film about apartheid. Tim Robbins played a Boer policeman involved in harassing the political activists trying to create a free South Africa. It was most intelligently written and had a lush production.

Second on our play list was Kirsten Dunst’s “Marie Antoinette”. Gorgeously costumed, Kirsten did well by her notorious heroine. Sofia Coppola’s script felt like a reality show – Marie becoming Paris Hilton.

We paused for a nap after this, and roused at eventide to take a bath, do our stretching exercises and view the third film, “The Secret Life of Words” with Tim Robbins and Sarah Polley. This was a gem of a film! Polley is a strong and credible actor, and her ensemble work with Robins was extraordinary. This was my pick of the day!

After supper and the Gaia Meditation, we headed for bed around 11 PM. It was a true day off! My only L/L work was a bit of correspondence with Romi and Mary R concerning Dana Redfield’s drawings.