Sunday, July 01, 2007

2007-06-29 and 30

It completely escaped my mind about writing a Camelot Journal entry yesterday, as my morning was taken up with a cranio-sacral treatment and Anthroposophical, homeopathic injections. After Morning Offering, I had to scoot over to Indiana for that.

In the afternoon, I was delighted to find that we have a back cover text that will work for A Book of Days, thanks to Gina’s new review and my cropping of the other reviews. Now it is just a matter of finalizing some details with the wrapping of the rays which emanate from the center of the cross image on the front cover around to the back cover. And then we can ship my newest baby off to the printers. She is ready to leave home!

I also read through and adjusted text in all of Chapter Six of 101. I finally felt good about three small sections of text that I have been working on for several days. They flow, now. Now it only remains, for that chapter, to finish re-looking at the last notes I had made for my outline of that chapter – indigo children, light work, eastern religions, pets and ghosts remain on that list.

We had a very quiet and peaceful Friday night, rejoicing in the relaxation which the coming weekend days offer us. We offered the Gaia Meditation, dined and stayed up late, relishing our TGIF feeling.

Today was devoted, after Morning Offering, to cooking and errands for Mick and clearing the desk for me. After lunch, Jim took equipment to be repaired and then trimmed and partially weeded in our yard. I came upstairs to catch up my e-mail.

I did quite a bit of work on corresponding with people who have sent me their Dana Redfield drawings. There are some from MJA – known as both Jill and Mary Alice; I shall have to get her correct name before we publish this Alphabet Mosaics project – which I have not seen before.

I also caught, at the last minute, a mistake in the BOD manuscript. I got my friend Beth’s married name wrong in the dedication. The dedication is to several members of the Hoagland family, who have been part of L/L Research since its inception. Beth remarried recently and I was not accurate in remembering what her name is now. I am fervently glad I caught that one!

I wrote to assure Judy R, who is delayed in doing some pre-editing on the Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues, that there is plenty of other work to keep me busy until she sends me the AQ material. I collected a recipe for the household database for Pasta with Vegetarian Tomato Sauce. I wrote to thank Gina Jones for her review of A Book of Days, which finished out the back cover perfectly. And I wrote Ronald R, who recently moved out west, congratulating him on finding new life and new love.

Ian Bond had sent us another beautiful poem, for which I thanked him, also sending the poem on to Gary for inclusion in the Gatherings Newsletter, which he will compile and send out next Tuesday. Gary is camping this weekend with his girlfriend, Valerie, near Lexington, KY, and attending a folk festival there.

And I was thrilled to congratulate Connie M on landing a good job! She has been through so much, as many of us have experienced in these days of change, and it will be very healing for her to have a regular, salaried job again and pay the bills. Previously she was manager at her mother’s rental property, a huge job and one for which she was vastly underpaid.

After Jim’s and my bath, we enjoyed a sweet romance and then a snooze, and emerged to offer the Gaia Meditation and have supper. We decided to treat ourselves to Applebee’s take-out and got two of the toughest steaks in Christendom. We may be going elsewhere for inexpensive steak dinners after this! But the taste was wonderful and we enjoyed the treat. We drifted back upstairs and said good night around midnight.