Friday, June 29, 2007

2007-06-27 and 28

These past two days, after Morning Offering I have kept my nose to the grindstone while continuing to deal with the body drama currently occurring in my life. It does slow me down when symptoms get ballistic. Nevertheless I have felt emotionally, mentally and spiritually strong, peaceful and uplifted throughout this time. All is well. Nothing is serious or life-threatening in my situation, just distracting.

Both days, small rains have continuously come and gone. Unfortunately the rainfall is not enough to ease the draught, but the grass has been delighted with the offering of Mother Nature’s sweet thundershowers. Jim has managed to move ahead of his schedule by almost a full day in preparation for more rains of the same kind being predicted for tomorrow.

Yesterday morning, I wrote the copy for the next Gatherings Newsletter and sent it to Gary for his editing and also his inclusion of news from our various L/L friends who are offering study groups on TLOO. This morning I edited a private channeling session for Nancy S and sent that on to our web guy for inclusion in our transcript archives.

Both afternoons I worked on the latter portions of Chapter 6, discussing aspects of the yellow-ray chakra. I am not at the sign-off point yet. When I read through the text of the chapter, I am still finding things to add, drop and change. I’ll know when the chapter is complete – a read-through will net few changes and I’ll have that “ping” of knowing I am done. Maybe tomorrow!

Both yesterday and today, Gary and I talked further with Nelson and Bob, who are co-hosting this L/L Research Mackinac Island gathering, along with Gary. we have come to a rough schedule - very rough, as Bob and Nelson have not created a plan at all but only reserved the space. Just being able to meet at this beautiful Grand Hotel is more than enough planning on their part. Bon has arranged our meeting room already and will see to a hispital bed for me. Gary and I will refine my part of the speaking plan next week. I look forward to being able to talk about unconditional love for a couple of days. Gary especially asked that I include an inspirational talk along with information-sharing. I will get out my song books and do that right gladly!

Gary also discovered that if one has less money to attend this L/L Gathering Supreme, one can attend on the cheap if one does not eat or stay at the hotel but rather camps on the nearby mainland and ferries over for the day. It is only $33.00 per day to take the ferry to the island and to enter the hotel. That, plus tenting fees and the cost of camp food, would constitute a far more thrifty cost of attending this gathering. I was glad to hear that. So many L/L Research fans are somewhat on the poor side in terms of having plenty of money to spend on such weekends. I am so glad the occasion is available to those people as well. And I am feeling lucky that I get to stay in the hotel, as I do not mind dressing for dinner, and the food sounds wonderful!

Our evenings, both yesterday and today, were quiet and at home. We shared the Gaia Meditation with Gary both nights. Gary offered a particularly beautiful prayer yesterday night. We sought our beds early both nights, as we have been quite exhausted, Jim by working all day at hard physical labor in the steam bath of our current weather and me by dealing with my present level of discomfort. I started the new anti-inflammatory prescription today and can hope for relief from the nerve pain in my shoulder and arm as the days go by.