Wednesday, June 27, 2007


The “sun shone bright in my old Kentucky home” today. It was a steam bath! However, the promised small rains stayed away, so Mick literally made hay while the sun shone, mowing ahead, as the forecast for tomorrow also calls for rain.

Out of the blue, yet another body drama slowed my thinking processes today – something amiss in the digestive tract, unrelated to the interstitial cystitis – and my productivity went downwards accordingly.

I wrote an article for UPI on Adam Kokesh, in my “difference makers” series. I worked on that off and on all day. Usually I can work up a column in the morning and have the afternoon for writing on the “101” book. Today I felt extremely blessed to win through and get the article done and off to my editors by bath time.

Melissa was down from Avalon for chores, laundry and a planning meeting with me. We took about two hours at lunch time and worked through a host of issues large and small. She is very French in her approach to housekeeping, hospitable and generous in her energy and thrifty and clever in her buying.We need some tools, she says, but not right away.

We also talked about her being appointed by L/L Research’s Board to be caretaker there, which would make it possible for people to contribute to her upkeep. Melissa needs about $300.00 per month for insurance, food, other household needs and gas. When we have our mid-year Board meeting I shall propose that we create such a position. it is an incredibly small amount to pay for a full-time caretaker. I hope we can swing it.

Mel also needs a new turbo-charger for her ancient Saab. Do let me know if you happen to have a spare! Hers has died, and without the assist, her little car is sadly underpowered.

Gary was hard at work at the admin helm today, working on digitizing our Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws so that I can send them to Board members before the mid-year meeting. It is a worthy effort. To have a digital copy of all the important papers relating to our non-profit status is very prudent.

I gratefully sank into Jim’s and my bath for a good soak. We again found ourselves napping rather than talking, watching TV or reading. As T. S. Eliot said so succinctly, “We grow old!” However I promise not to wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.

We came downstairs for the Gaia Meditation, with Gary offering the ending prayer. Romi arrived just in time to join us for that. He made some tea and had brought some cookies, and Gary treated everyone to a scoop of ice cream, so our supper was a feast! We talked through the issue of when to hold our weekly public meetings this next year. We all decided to move them to Saturday nights at 8 PM. That will take effect next September.

We all got sleepy around 10:30, so the party broke up and Jim and I came upstairs and snuggled with our kitties before lights out at 11 PM.