Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Not much chance of sleeping late this morning! Our little village of Anchorage is on the outskirts of Louisville. It is an island of calm and repose, preserved by the small village’s stringent zoning laws from commercial development. There are no street lights or sidewalks and, until now, no sewers. Each household has had its own septic system.

We were unable to halt progress, and the city of Louisville’s water company found enough difficulty with individual septic systems here to ram through a sewer project. Our streets have been torn up for a couple of weeks. Blasting at various points has accented our days. And this morning, at 7 AM, huge machines worked right outside our windows to dig holes for the sewer pipes along our street. The incredible noise lasted all morning. By afternoon they were further away, but I gather that our days will not be quiet for a while now, while these big pipes are placed under our streets.

After Morning Offering I enjoyed working on the quotations I need for an article on Harry Pickens I will write tomorrow. He is a special person indeed whose music I have enjoyed for years. It is a blessing to be able to share a bit of his energy.

I came down for lunch, which Gary had kindly made for me as well as himself, and found Pam doing the statements for Jim’s Lawn Service, with Gary hard at work at the L/L Inbox. He has worked with the Mackinac Island duo, Nelson and Bob, who are producing the gathering, by telephone fairly extensively in order to nail down the itinerary for our travel and the shape of the gathering. Gary finished digitizing the L/L Research By-Laws during the afternoon and sent them to me upstairs, so now Mick and I can rewrite the By-Laws and send them to the Board members as we plan our mid-year meeting.

My afternoon was spent on writing just a bit more about yellow ray – the subjects of ghosts and of the investment of pets by their owners’ love was covered. Then I read through the whole chapter – which tops out at 22 pages – and declared myself satisfied. It’s a grand feeling to conclude a chapter! Onward now to Chapter 7, which discusses the heart chakra.

Jim called bath time as I was working to clear my desk, so I got little done there. However, I now know what I need to do! Progress of a kind! We had a relaxing whirlpool and then watched Democracy Now. It was a fascinating show tonight. Amy Goodman interviewed Daniel Ellsberg, who broke the “Pentagon Papers” story in 1971 by making the masses of material about the cover-up concerning the Gulf of Tonkin information, which was given falsely and deliberately, available to large newspapers all over the country. Needless to say, he drew many similarities between his war, Viet Nam, and the present situation, as far as the war’s being sold to the American people by bogus information – in Nam, the Gulf of Tonkin info and in Iraq, the info about WMD and Hussein being tied to Al Qaeda.

We found a block of Star Trek Enterprise and enjoyed that until time for the Gaia Meditation. I offered the closing prayer tonight. After our chapel time, Mick and I supped and then went over the L/L Research By-Laws. We altered them a good deal, removing a lot of material completely, since we do not have members, and simplifying the various paragraphs a good deal. We are now ready for me to set that meeting of the Board.

We went back to Star Trek and patting our kitties and said good night at about 11 PM.