Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Thanks to Gary’s work in getting the L/L Research By-Laws digitized, and Jim’s help in revising the By-Laws, after Morning Offering I was able to send a letter to all our Board members with that document attached. I asked them all to let us know what day in the week of July 23rd works for them for having a conference-call Board meeting. We need to accept the amended By-Laws and also to appoint Melissa officially as Caretaker at Avalon, which will make her eligible to receive a stipend from L/L Research.It felt great to have that letter go out!

I spent the rest of the morning writing my UPI column for this week, on Harry Pickens and his spiritually oriented activism. It was a blessing to work with his material.

I came downstairs for lunch and immediately regretted the move, as the noise from the road work is quite a bit louder on the first floor than it is up here in my office. I lunched to an accompaniment of bangs and booms and the scariest of all, a rat-a-tat sound so loud it rivets one’s attention. It sounds a bit like the noise a CT scan or MRA makes, a bam-bam-bam-bam noise. I suppose that is the blasting. The water company delivered a copy of their blasting permit this morning, which I tucked away. It is always good to know the exact identity of the people who are blowing things up in one’s neighborhood!

I worked on Chapter 7 of 101 in the afternoon, organizing the green-ray quotations I already had because of writing articles about each chakra for UPI last year and then beginning to expand my green-ray quotes database by doing a Google search on our archive site,, using the key word, green. I shall continue that happy task tomorrow afternoon

Around the edges I corresponded with some people by e-mail. As I sent the article in to UPI I also sent a copy to Harry.

Mary Alice wrote to ask for a link to my UPI articles, as she wants to see what I have written about Dana Redfield, and I sent her that link, which is

I checked in with my Trust officer, Doris S. we shall need to have a meeting soon because of the huge bill we will receive from the water company when they finish their sewers. Once Jim and I get all the details together, we’ll be ready. She grasps that we have some large expenses coming up which Jim’s fees for mowing and landscaping will not cover and agreed to sell some stock to raise funds. I hate to touch Don’s trust, but it is sometimes necessary.

I wrote Aubine, who finally was able to figure out how to send her e-mail address. She is such a delightfully non-computer person and loves to write snail-mail on artistic cards, often designed by herself, but she has realized that some things are best done by e-mail. Now she has my e-mail address and I have hers. We had a hilarious telephone conversation the other day where she was trying to write down my e-mail address. The letters are sounded differently in French than in English and it must have taken us five minutes to be sure she had it right.

Community Farming Association sent a notice of their next meeting, which I forwarded to Melissa in case she would like to attend. And I responded to a nice note from Karen K, the alumni person at MacDuffie, thanking me for the seven-page update on my class and noting that she will use as much of it as will fit in their newsletter. Of course I expect drastic editing from them! But my classmates have the full story, as I sent it to them by snail-mail.

Jim called bath time just as I finished writing Karen and Mick and I had a refreshing whirlpool and then a date. As I often do at such times, I drifted happily off to sleep in the afterglow and Mick had to awaken me for the Gaia Meditation and dinner. We ended our evening watching a quirky film, “Body Count”, on the Sleuth TV station. It starred Forest Whitaker, David Caruso and Ving Rhames and what a bloody film it was. Everyone shot everyone else by the end of the story! However the ensemble work was superb, the screenplay was excellent and the production was classy, tending towards film noir. We enjoyed the performances of this very good cast.

And so to bed, at 11 PM.