Thursday, July 12, 2007


What a lucky date! 7-11 is a winning combination in dicing and hopefully in living as well. We did not receive the promised rain, so after Morning Offering Mick was up and at ‘em, although, thanks to his working ahead yesterday, he had the time to share lunch with me and we also did our mat exercises, a real luxury for us on weekdays during mowing season.

I checked the letter to the Board members containing the agenda and sent it out before lunch. As well, I caught up on some e-mail. My tax preparer, Linda, wrote to ask me for some details, and I sent the request downstairs for Gary to print out so when Pam comes Friday, she will have that request. And I responded to Melissa’s note assuring her that I had called Shelby Power and asked for electrical service to Avalon.

A note from Steve M deserves its own paragraph. He wrote to say that he was teaching a class next fall and donating his salary to L/L Research. What an incredible and generous thing to do! And in terms of our needs for money, it could not come at a better time. We are growing low in funds for paying our staff. His donation makes a perfect “Matching Funds” basis for a campaign to raise funds for staff salaries. We have the best people in the world for friends here at L/L! This home truth comes to me time and again and I just marvel at our enormous good fortune.

I had a bit of time left before lunch and so continued editing on the Aaron/Q’uo session – the fifth weekend gathering; the third of four sessions from that weekend. I believe this is the precise halfway point in this rather large work! It is a beautiful, magical series of channeled sessions spanning nearly a decade of Barbara Brodsky’s and my life and work and I will be thrilled to finish cleaning up the copy and get it ready to be presented to Hampton Roads for consideration.

I finished editing this session after lunch and sent it off to our web guy. I spent the remainder of the afternoon reading through the green-ray quotes I have collected and thinking about how to organize Chapter 7 of 101, which deals with that topic.

Nerve pain had nagged me all day, so I was tickled to have a good bath and then slide into sleep. Jim snoozed too! We wear ourselves out, these days. Getting older is not for wusses! We roused for a late supper and the Gaia Meditation and said good night after a good kitty-snuggle at 11:30.