Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I just discovered that all the heavy equipment people in the neighborhood, digging holes for the sewers - which are being foisted upon us by the anal-retentive city planners of Louisville – are digging the trenches and then filling in the holes again. They are not, as I thought, installing the sewer pipes at the same time. It sounds like the fabled army thing – dig a hole, fill it up, dig it again. Brilliant.

After Morning Offering Mick set out for a massive work day, and came home at dusk most pleased to say that he has gotten all of tomorrow’s jobs mowed. Rain is predicted, so Mick can rest easy tomorrow.

I spent the morning working on the agenda for our upcoming Board meeting and then writing the letter to tell our Board members of the agenda and our thoughts about the agenda. I posted the finished letter back to Mick and Jim for approval. If all goes well, I can send that tomorrow and get set up for a Board meeting on July 25th.

In the afternoon I wrote the UPI article for this week. I decided to break my series on Difference Makers and just talk, so it was a voyage of discovery for me as I invited my deeper self to speak.

I also did some e-mail around the edges. I wrote to Gary about discussing the meeting with William Henry, whom Gary has had trouble reaching. As I was writing the letter, Henry called in, so all is well there: we are on the same page with Mackinac Island and he will put up the same publicity which Gare has created for our site and which, I assume, has been posted to David W’s discussion group, from which group this Gathering sprung.

I answered a note from Melissa, assuring her that I had called the Shelby electricity provider and asked for new service. I also asked her to put on her list of low-priority chores the re-doing of the filing in our Avalon drawer. It is a mess currently, as several people have organized it and then left. I have filed things as best I can, but the files are in somewhat of a mishmash.

Gary sent me the welcome news that we have two matching donors for the webcasting costs for next season – so we’re there! I OK’d Gary’s and Romi’s setting that service up as soon as we have the funds in hand.

I asked Gary to write Bill H and Tiffani M, both of whom are executives in large companies, asking them if they have teleconferencing functions already, and if so, if we can use them for the Board meeting. That would save us a few $$.

There is a firethegrid meditation scheduled for 7:11 AM EDT on July 17th and Gary and I corresponded about joining in with it. It certainly seems a good opportunity to join with our planetary tribe for a good cause. Their web address, if you’d like to check it out, is

I had heard something about a Tibetan Oracle coming to town and wrote to ask Dianne Stoess about it. She enjoys Buddhist events as do I, and I was looking for a girlfriend with whom to attend. But I cannot find the details and I thought she might know about this.

As a finish to the work day I organized a mass of material which had come in from Melissa’s research on various items connected to Avalon and filed it all away, glad I had asked Melissa for some help in reorganizing that drawer!

Jim and I were both weary and greatly enjoyed a very quiet evening of good company – Romi came over to visit, and Gary was home – dinner and the Gaia Meditation. Jim offered a beautiful prayer at the end. Then Romi and I sat and conversed about L/L matters until we noticed that Mick had gently, silently fallen asleep, and said our good-byes soon thereafter. Mick and I came upstairs for our evening kitty snuggle and said good night at 11:30.