Saturday, July 14, 2007


Friday the 13th was a lovely, mild and sunny day except for a generous storm which swept through around 10 AM, while I was on the road to Indiana for my next-to-last cranio-sacral treatment. I was glad to hear that the storm moved through Anchorage as well, giving all Jim’s customers’ lawns some needed nourishment. We had a good Morning Offering, although we are finding Paramhansa Yogananda’s dissertations on the second coming of Christ to be a bit pedantic. But there are good gems in there, so we are continuing to read through his little book.

Jim and Gary finished their mowing about the same time as I returned from the 21st Century Health Clinic, so we did our stretching routine together and then Mick was off to garden and mow three other customers. I was still feeling a bit dim from the fall, although the rapid improvement of my black eye cheers me, and my headache is almost gone. So I confined my efforts to catching up some e-mail and mulling over Chapter 7.

It occurred to me that I knew a couple of people who might like to attend the gathering at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island not only because I am speaking but because the hotel is so grand! So I wrote them of the details. As well, I wrote Don N of BBS Radio, letting him know of the event, and that the producer, Bob R, was trying to webcast the proceedings. It would be a happy event if we could hook Bob and Don up.

World Puja’s Maureen had written a very good response to all of the hysterics who have clouded the upcoming firethegrid world meditation taking place on July 17th. She said that any time light workers come together for the greater good, the negative polarity is bound to come together to resist it, but that this need not cause fear. She encouraged us all to come together fearlessly and ask for peace and shift. Amen. Go Maureen!

Our tax preparer needed some material, and I printed out her request for our bookkeeper, who came today. I wrote in the afternoon to be sure the tax preparer had what she needed, as I was gone while Pam the bookkeeper was here.

Scott H wrote to say that he has written the first 13 pages of a screenplay of “The Crucifixion of Esmerelda Sweetwater”, Don Elkins and my novel. That is the second gentleman to try to capture that story for film. I hope he succeeds. I wrote three screenplays of the story myself back in the seventies, but none was considered good enough to use by the people to whom we offered them. Good luck, Scott!

It was good to hear from Sandie S, whose move to Hollywood has been a happy one. She is doing well and asked about me, hoping we would not lose touch. I promised her, never! I am a loyal friend, as my burgeoning Christmas Card list confirms.

Melissa and I wrote back and forth about farm business. She now has an appointment for the electrical engineer for Shelby Power to look over the project of bringing power to Avalon Farm. That’s good news!

Jim was a happy man – TGIF - as we had our bath together and then shared a lovely date and a Friday night nap before coming downstairs for the Gaia Meditation. Gary had been cooking and the house smelled wonderful! Gary offered the ending prayer for our evening chapel time with Mother Earth and the cause of peace.

Then he shared a documentary with us, about the Dixie Chicks and all that they went through after their lead singer, Natalie Maines, mentioned at a concert in London that she was embarrassed to come from the same state as the Shrub. “Shut Up and Sing” chronicled events since then and came out in 2006.

Of course, Natalie’s is not everyone’s opinion! But I am so proud of her and her band for staying with the energy this rather innocent and entertainment-focused comment caused. Perhaps she never meant to go so deep or strike such a chord with country music fans. It cannot have been fun to watch newscasts of people burning their CDs. However, clearly, they all grew, and grew together, through this catalyst. And events since the fatal comment some three years ago have found Americans of all shades of conservatism much more in agreement with her now than then. By now even the reddest of redneck patriots sees that supporting the president’s policies and supporting America may be two different things.

This blog is not about my politics. I have no desire to change anyone’s mind. But our lives are bound up in politically tinged events, and to a discerning eye, almost all outer events can be seen politically. And for those to whom politics is meat and drink, they WILL be seen politically. Often people think they are being religious or moral, but are actually being political. I believe we are, as a species, political animals. We just need to learn to become statesmen instead of shills for special interests. We need that badly. Come on, Indigos! The youth among us are our hope, politically speaking.

What a good documentary. I really enjoyed seeing it.

Mick and I stayed up until midnight, relishing the weekend ahead. My birthday is coming up and what a great celebration this year. It so happens that St. Luke’s has a “Night at the Bats” on Sunday evening. Fr. Joe will toss out the opening ball and our choir will sing the National Anthem. Jim and I will take Gary, Melissa, Carmen and Romi. The next day is my actual birthday and Mick will take me consignment shopping for my present! Yum! And the NEXT day I will enjoy dinner at the restaurant atop the Galt House downtown as the end of the festivities. Extreme Yum!

I do love having birthdays! I feel like dancing a tribal dance of victory! I made it for another year! Yes! And many more! Thank you, Lord!