Thursday, July 19, 2007


I woke at 2:30 AM and thereafter spent a sleepless night nursing a very crabby tummy and a sore shoulder. So I arose early and was able to retrieve the UPI article which had not been sent to my editor due to the power outage yesterday and send it in.

When I went out for the newspaper, I saw that our Rose of Sharon hedge is in bloom – early for that, but everything has been early this year. I felt quite dazed with lack of rest and decided to work on my e-mail after Morning Offering rather than my talks for Mackinac Island, as I want to be at my best in creating these talks.

Jim had given me a beautiful blouse for my birthday which was quite tight across my chest, so I sent Sierra Trading Post an inquiry as to how to exchange it. Jim had not kept the paperwork. David T sent me a beautiful meditative piano piece which he said was just for me, although I believe that it exists along with many other such pieces on I responded to birthday cards sent by e-mail from Wendy Jane C, my brother Tommy, Vara L, Pupak H-B, Dianne S and Steve E.

Michele M sent word that she was finalizing the cover for A Book of Days! This is great news, as Ian tells me the book is ready to send to the printers once he receives the final artwork on the cover.

Steve E, who is working to launch a whole new site for L/L Research, sent us the finished audio version of the first of seven short Gaia Meditations which I had recorded for him while he was here a few months ago. The quality of the recorded voice seemed high to me and Gary concurred, so we gave him the go-ahead on that project. It is good to see the site beginning to take shape. I understand from Gary that Jeremy W, long a friend and helper of L/L Research, has been helping Steve get up to speed. It is wonderful to have so much heartfelt help and feel this labor of love chug along like the Love Train!

Pupak asked me for a recommendation for a job, and I wrote to ask her some questions about that, as I would like to write this amazing woman the best and most apt recommendation I can.

After a restful lunch and a nap, I kept an appointment to have my teeth cleaned and then spent the rest of the afternoon working on Chapter 7 of 101, choosing the opening quotation for the discussion of the green-ray chakra and writing a few pages of first-draft text.

Jim came home in a state of heat exhaustion, white and shaky, as he had been out in the 100 F, high-humidity weather tearing down old and unwanted bushes and trimming branches for his customers. However he assured me that he had taken care of himself all day and had drunk almost three gallons of water. His recuperative powers are amazing! After a good whirlpool, he was just fine.

We spent our evening very quietly, mostly snoozing as we were both weary. Jim offered the Gaia Meditation prayer after supper, and we ended the evening with our traditional kitty snuggle, going to bed around 11 PM.