Tuesday, July 31, 2007


The beep-beep-beep of heavy equipment backing up accompanied my awakening. The utilities company which is putting sewers into our little hamlet starts at dawn. I wonder if they ever go forward! This noise lasted all day, and Hazelwood, the road we generally take to leave the village of Anchorage, was blocked. Have I noted that the citizens worked hard to reject the sewers? The government steam-rollered us into accepting them by threatening legal action.

Ah well. We are rendering unto Caesar big-time.

I cleared my desk in the office after Morning Offering. I wrote some thank-you notes to birthday givers, filed papers and inserted periodicals which our Library archives into their binders. Then I worked a bit on my “Inner Shift” speech for our L/L Research Gathering at Mackinac Island.

At lunchtime I went up to Middletown to have my blood drawn for Dr. June at LabCorp. The technician there, Vickie, does a great job of finding a vein the first time she sticks me and I am most grateful for that! I also went a couple of places looking for salt tablets for Mick, as in this oppressive heat, he loses so much body fluid sweating that all the water in the world will not replace the missing electrolytes. They do not make these simple tablets any more. I suppose there is danger of overdosing on them.

So I brought him home some “Fierce”, a Gatorade product intended to replace the salts needed to balance electrolytes. I asked Mick to try pouring one quart of the Fierce into his water jug before he finishes filling it – it holds a gallon – and see if that does the job. Here’s hoping! Mick drinks up to three gallons of water a day in this heat! And he still loses body weight by evening. Working outdoors is his choice, and he never wanted to work in an office, so he figures he is just paying dues. I hope the Fierce-water helps him feel much more comfortable.

I spent the afternoon working on Chapter 7 of 101. Working with the complicated and puzzling bit of information from the material on the “ninety-degree phase shift” that takes place within the heart chakra, I hit on the image from the Harry Potter films of going from space/time – the train station – to time/space – track number nine-and-three-quarters. I think that will render the concept accessible to anyone who has seen these movies, which includes most younger people.

Gary worked all afternoon on getting the Minutes of our Board meeting last Wednesday transcribed and put into a good form. It was a big job and needed to be done quickly, as we still have one item of business to include in the final Minutes. I neglected to put the ratification of the new By-Laws on the agenda. I feel most sheepish about that! So we’ll get the present Minutes to all the members and ask that they ratify the By-Laws by return e-mail.

Mick and I had a lovely bath and then a wonderfully energizing energy exchange, so in synch with each other that we could both visualize the current of energy that linked our energy bodies during sexual play and made them, literally, one system. We could feel our “batteries” receive their full charge, and still the energy kept coming, as we radiated the excess out into the world with total love and awareness of the sacredness of our union.

It was the night for a block of Star Trek Enterprise, so we enjoyed supper and the Gaia Meditation, with Mick praying at the end, while taking in the adventures of Captain Archer and his crew. We turned out the lights at 11 PM.