Wednesday, July 25, 2007


After Morning Offering, I worked on the UPI article for this week, on “firing the grid”. It was interesting to go to that site and see what the founder, Shelley Yates, had in mind for after July 17th. Her sources, the light beings that she receives messages from, are very like Confederation sources I channel.

After lunch I spent some time on e-mail before working further on Chapter 7 of 101. I continued to thank people who had sent me e-mail greetings for my birthday. I can only suppose they read in this very blog that it was my natal day! The greetings are most welcome and all of them were beautiful. These days one can get cards which whistle, sing and make you laugh as well as being animated and in some cases breathtakingly lovely. Ah, the benefits of technology!

I also invited our Avalon caretaker, Melissa, out for lunch when she next comes to town. Needless to say, living rough in the hottest part of summer is not altogether convenable! I thought she could use a break.

Chapter 7 got no further today in terms of writing, as I deleted as much as I wrote. I look forward to tomorrow and fresh thoughts! I want to do the subject of the open heart justice and explaining the two-part heart in a simple and lucid way is eluding me. But not for long!

Mick and I had a quiet, pleasant evening. Romi and Gary joined us to talk about details of the upcoming Homecoming. Romi will help erect the tent for the meeting, out in the back garden, and also will help Gary with airport pick-ups that Friday. We all enjoyed conversation, the Jon/Steven political comedy and an episode of House. Romi offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Mick and I came upstairs at 10 PM and said good night at 11 after our kitty snuggle.