Saturday, July 28, 2007


What a special day for me! I worked on my Mackinac Island speech on Inner Shift in the morning. I think this L/L Gathering will be unique! the speech is forming up in a very organic way.

And then Melissa and I went to Liu’s Garden for lunch and, thereafter, consignment clothes shopping at Sugarbaker’s. The shop was having a clearance sale and I found several pretty dresses, so now I can go in to dinner at the Grand Hotel dressed very nicely each night I am there. I also found a little black jacket for carrying with these summer dresses, in case of drafts.

Meanwhile Mick and Gary had a short mowing day due to the draught conditions here. Gary went on to complete his cooking for next week while Mick maintained his equipment for the week.

Jim had a pleasant afternoon clearing a yard for a customer and then clearing boxes from St. Luke’s where they are moving offices. Now the pre-school office will be where the parish offices were, the youth group will take over the undercroft where the choir was and the parish offices and choir will move to the Hoge House, a formerly private dwelling belonging to Mayor Hoge, now deceased. Jim also cleared construction materials from the play area for the pre-school, where volunteers had finished the erection of a new playground construction for the pre-school day care center there.

Melissa did town chores and most kindly shortened the straps of one of my new dresses, where they were too long for my torso and threw off the lines of the dress, while Mick and I bathed and then had a date. We three came together again for dinner, the Gaia Meditation and a viewing of Harrison Ford’s “Clear and Present Danger” on TV. It was good watching for a lazy Friday night, though both Mick and I snoozed through parts of it. Mick and I said good night to Melissa at 10 and patted the kitties until our own bedtime at 11:30.