Friday, July 27, 2007


The Rose of Sharon hedge across the front of Camelot’s front garden is in full bloom now, the pink and white blossoms nodding in the slight summer breeze as I retrieved the newspaper this morning. It is the heart of summer and this year it is dusty and parched. Jim has the sprinkler going daily. Fortunately the Ohio River is near and assures we never have a shortge of water. We’re praying for rain later in the week. It is ironic to be so dry when parts of the country, usually dry, are drowning in too much rain.

After Morning Offering, Mick engaged with his day of gardening, clearing and mowing. In the morning I worked on my Inner Shift speech for Mackinac Island, selecting the songs to share while making various points.

Mick was able to have lunch at home with me and we enjoyed that. We would have done our stretches, but we received an impromptu visit from Hoppy R, a man who trained as a channel with me back in 1974. It was good to see our old friend. Mick left for his afternoon of mowing while Hoppy (his real name is James but his nickname rules) and I continued our conversation. It is good to see Hops looking so good. He is carpentering these days and has a healthy tan to prove that some of it is outdoor work.

He also is head of the Brotherhood of Eternal Truth, a non-sectarian, Spiritualist church, and still uses his channeling skills in a sacred setting as well as his honed psychic skills. He gives a very good psychic reading. However he says he does not do that too much these days, as people get so dependent on more and more readings. He imagines he will take that up again when he retires, for it is a good income stream and offers a service to others.

In the afternoon, I intended to work on Chapter 7 of 101 and did manage about an hour of work there, but wonderful news precipitated much other activity. The Book of Days cover was waiting for me when I got back to my computer. It is simply stunning! I can just see it making a handsome book and a good match for A Wanderer’s Handbook in looks. Ian and Michele were able to have the rays of light radiating out from the juncture of the cross extend across the back cover, a very stylish effect. That is the last detail! Now we are ready to publish.

So I gathered all the information about which Gary needed to complete the paperwork – I have never been involved in said paperwork and so am quite at a loss as to how to proceed – and sent it to his computer. It is his day off today but I am hoping he will be able to send the order to print off tomorrow! Whee!!

I had let Morris H, one of our Board members and a Matching Funds sponsor for this printing project, know of the book’s being ready to go and he asked by return e-mail if we had the funds to cover the cost, which is $5366. I went to our financials computer and looked up our L/L balance and we had $5353, almost exactly what was needed. However if we pay the whole bill, we will be broke.

Our sin is robbing the printing funds to pay staff salaries. I let Morris know of our shortage of funds and also let the new Development Committee members know. This is way earlier than I had planned to use the fund-raising committee’s expertise, but then who could predict that after a year of delays, this project would suddenly come to a conclusion? I am sure Morris will send a donation to place us in the black. The Committee members will also respond with plns for fund-raising, I am sure. We shall need to do an operational funds campaign. Now that the Board has okayed the position of Avalon Caretaker, we will add the stipend for that job to our other two staff members’ fees.

I also wrote Teri and Bob Brown, who run the International UFO Convention each year. Generally they hold it in Laughlin, NV, and always in a casino. I would really like to speak there this next February and just hope that they have some speaking slots left open. I asked for two slots, one for talking about how channeling fits in to the UFO picture and one on the current messages about the shift, with an emphasis on the metaphysical side of that discussion. I imagine plenty of others will be talking about the physical and scientific side of 2012.

Dianne S sent me one of the most charming two minutes of video ever – two otters are floating on their backs in the water in blissful contentment, holding hands. At one point they separate, perform a complete circle of lazy turning and come back together, reaching for each others’ hands once again. That takes the cake as the cutest pet video of all time, I think! Thank you for lifting my heart even higher today, Sister! It was Utter Otter Love – and we could all learn so much from their relaxing and enjoying the moment.

Melissa wrote to ask if she could come up tonight instead of tomorrow morning and I responded to welcome her.

Eli E had written to ask about Dana Redfield’s book, “Jonah”, and why she wanted the original version to be republished. I explained to him that the editors at Hampton Roads had excised a good 1/3 of the text of her original manuscript, feeling that she had embedded too many triggers in the text. She thought it was a much stronger book with the triggering material replaced. I told Eli that it was on my list to edit for an e-book, if I should live so long! There are a few editing projects in front of it.

I have noticed about myself that I produce a lot more creative material than I can edit as I go, so I keep an editing backlog. For instance, when I channel a session, give a talk or offer an interview, the creation of the text takes only “real time”. I produce the material very quickly, as fast as I can speak. The editing, on the other hand, takes rather longer. When you add to that ongoing editing of new material the older projects I have created, but not edited, in the past, the stack piles up. So I keep working on it as I can. But the new writing comes first! Except when there is a day like today, when I need to respond to the moment.

Mick and I came upstairs after our bath, leaving the light on for Melissa, and relaxed with Democracy Now and then CSI before descending to the first floor for supper. Melissa had arrived and we enjoyed red snapper together while continuing to watch episodes of CSI, a show we all like. Jim offered the ending prayer at the Gaia Meditation.

Mick and I said good night to Melissa at 10 AM and said our own good nights at 11 PM after a kitty snuggle.