Sunday, July 29, 2007


The day dawned overcast. It had rained overnight and the earth looked much refreshed by the good, soaking rains. We are still some five inches below normal rainfall for this region, but the small rains do help keep things alive.

After Morning Offering, Jim got a turkey roasting and then headed out for a long round of Saturday morning errands while I caught up my e-mail, writing responses to letters that had piled up during the week.

My brother, Jim, was looking for some pages from a journal our mother kept while traveling some years ago – she passed into larger life in 1991 – and after a search of the family archives I had to report no joy. I hope our brother, Tommy, the third of the Anderson-Rueckert siblings, kept a copy. I know I archived that journal somewhere but I certainly could not fish it out!

Barbara B and I made a new protocol for editing the Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues. She wants to edit Aaron’s part, now that her eyes are better. So from now on when I finish editing Q’uo’s part of the sessions, I will ship them to her for her edit of Aaron’s words. She will then send the finished edit to our web guy, who is compiling the sessions into a manuscript.

John P wrote about money, politics and being a wanderer. I met him by telephone in 2005 in Britain. He wanted to have a channeling but we never did get together. Occasionally, he shares from the heart about the pain of living and its glory.

David T wrote with a wonderful story about how, when he and his family found The Law Of One, Book One, they sat down and read it aloud to each other – all the way through! He said they all marked it as a life-changing event. That’s very inspiring!

Rick C wrote with his Maine report: a dove flew into his French windows and, dazed, was unable to flee from a predator. It really upset him. And this is the second time it has happened to him. Two years ago, a junco bird crashed into the same windows and was nabbed by a predator too. I recommended to him that he do what Jim and I have done with our French windows that look out on the back garden. We have, through the years, found pretty pieces of stained-glass art work to hang in the middle of the space on each window, to give birds the hint that this is not air but glass.

And I answered two notes from MJA about Dana Redfield.

I joined Melissa and Mick for lunch and then Melissa reported on Avalon Farm doings. We are striking out on easy ways to bring electric power to the acreage, as it is two to three thousand feet from the nearest pole, depending on which way you bring it on to the property.

And the water people will probably not be able to supply us with water. We shall need to work with a cistern, or a well, in order to create a water supply.

Neither the electric nor the water company wants to supply utilities without there being a construction permit already given. and we may be five years from planning to build. So for the present, we’re stymied. We shall need to think on the need for water! A well? A cistern? Rain barrels? Hamm.

I spent my afternoon working on Chapter 7 and after satisfying myself with the first six pages, wrote six pages more. This sounds like fast progress, but there is a hitch. I write the content by inspiration and guidance. Then I need to take the writing apart, sentence by sentence, and make sure that it is easy to follow, on a single thought-track and written simply. In that second part of the writing, I go over and over the original text until I am satisfied. That’s what slows me down! However I do think it has to be this way in order for me to create the book I wish to offer the average Joe and Molly. That new six pages will morph into nine or ten before I am through, I imagine.

Carmen had come over in the early afternoon to volunteer some time weeding in the garden, and she joined us for pizza and Jackie Chan’s “Shanghai Knights”, a funny film that was showing on TV. Jim offered the ending prayer at the Gaia Meditation. He cleaned the kitchen while we ladies finished watching the movie and then we bade Carmen a good night and took ourselves upstairs for a final snuggle with the cats before lights out at midnight.a