Monday, August 06, 2007


The Sabbath dawned bright and brutally hot, the heat index rising above 100. I sweltered in my choir robes but greatly enjoyed the service at St. Luke’s this morning. Meanwhile Mick had made the house spiffy and clean and neat as a pin by the time I returned.

We enjoyed lunch while we watched “Rocky Balboa”, a last chapter in the famous "Rocky" film series. Sylvester Stallone, the eponymous star, also wrote and directed the film. Stallone is a far better director than a writer. I think most stars are at their weakest when writing screenplays for themselves. Nevertheless I enjoyed the story and applauded the gritty sentiments of working to move forward against any and all opposition when one’s heart is set on something.

We plunged into the second of our films immediately and had a wonderful time watching “Infamous”. It is a look at Truman Capote’s life during the time he wrote “In Cold Blood”. What a film! Toby Jones was brilliant as Capote and a host of Hollywood’s best actors formed a complex and fascinating counterpoint to the main story, which had to do with Capote’s writing of the book. The screenplay was sensitive and witty and the ensemble work was as good as that of Altman’s films, which also tend to have casts the size of a small village, all of the players being well known in their own right, but leaping at a chance to do some very tasty work together. I just loved it.

After the second film, Mick set about some chores. I came upstairs to write the Camelot Journal entry for yesterday, which had gone un-done because I slept so late and never got back to doing the entry yesterday, due to being swamped in picnic preparations. Mick came and got me before I had a chance to write the Avalon Journal entry for yesterday, so I shall need to do that tomorrow morning.

We stretched for about 20 minutes, doing our mat exercises together, and then bathed and had a lovely tryst, after which we came downstairs to watch some music on Link TV and to dine. A Jackie Chan movie, "Rush Hour", was on and we spent the remainder of our marvelously refreshing day off enjoying the silly antics of Chan and his sidekick, played well by Chris Tucker.

After offering the Gaia Meditation, with Mick offering a most inspirational prayer at the close, we ended our day with Jackie and a kitty snuggle before lights out at 11 PM.