Thursday, August 02, 2007


After Morning Offering, Jim began his day of mowing while I made several appointments and returned telephone calls. One of the calls was to Dr. June, who had read the MRI of my right shoulder and who reported that the nerve pain in my shoulder and arm is due to a combination of arthritis and tendonitis and would perhaps be aided by a cortisone injection into the joint. I made an appointment for lunchtime to get the injection.

A neighbor passed into larger life day before yesterday and I arranged for a small pot of orchids to be sent. Then I went to the grocery store to purchase a brownie mix. I made the brownies, had an early lunch and set off to get my shot.

Upon my return I worked with Doug G, who had made an appointment with me for a counseling session. By the end of the session I was feeling quite woozy. This is where the day ran off the tracks completely! I never got back to my writing. I worked a bit on e-mail, responding to several concerns admin Gary had, and shortly decided that I needed to lie down and rest. I fell immediately into a deep sleep, awakened only by Mick, who came upstairs to see what was up when I did not respond to his call to the bath from downstairs.

After his very full day of mowing and clearing brush in the sultry sun, Mick was weary, but for the most part we remained awake, conversing most happily together on many things while CSI episodes ran in the background. We dined late, held the Gaia Meditation and ended the evening snuggling with the cats before saying good night at 11 PM.