Friday, August 03, 2007


The heat index topped 100 F today! After Morning Offering Mick set out for his mowing day and reported that drinking the Fierce has made all the difference in how he experiences the heat. I am so grateful the electrolyte-balancing product works and recommend it to those preparing to get out there and sweat.

Mick took the brownies I had made for them yesterday and a sympathy card over to the C's before he left for mowing and I attended Mr. C's funeral at Anchorage Presbyterian Church during the morning hours to pay my respects for our neighbor’s good life. The place was packed! The service was oh-so-Presby, no deep emotional moments, no Holy Eucharist. It makes me love the Episcopal Church’s rites even more, for they do offer access to deep emotions within the service context. However it was a very pleasant service and a good way to find closure with a death that came too early – Doug C was only 57.

After lunch I tackled Chapter 7 and made good headway. It was good to get back to that after an involuntary afternoon off from writing due to feeling punk yesterday. That ill feeling disappeared overnight, so I am assuming it was nothing more than a reaction to the injection from Dr. June.

Mick called bath time just as I had retired the manuscript of Chapter 7 for the day and was collecting a nice recipe for tomato-pasta salad. I may make some tomorrow or Saturday in preparation for a small picnic we are having on Avalon Saturday afternoon. A cake, some baked beans and stuffed eggs are on the menu also. Melissa wrote to say she was making fruit salad and firing up the briquettes! We’ll take chicken and burger patties and have a feast.

Melissa is eager for us to walk the nature trails she has prepared. They take one over much of Avalon’s walkable acreage – a good deal of it is knob-sides and not easily accessible, as our land is like a teacup, a long valley surrounded by foothills or knobs. She has worked so hard! I look forward to the treat. Fiesta!

This morning Mick had asked me for a date for this evening, and after our bath we had a lovely, glorious, joyful, in-synch energy exchange that felt most sacred as well charging every battery I have. We chatted about many things in the afterglow, both L/L plans and personal thoughts. It is so blessed to have a companion who listens with ears of love!

The cats were especially cute tonight, all three of them lining up on the love seat’s arm by our chair when we came downstairs for supper and the Gaia Meditation. They are roughly of a size and so picturesque together, black, orange and grey. Their sweet and innocent affection is heart-opening indeed. They came upstairs with us at 10 for a good-might snuggle before we turned out the lights at 11 PM.