Tuesday, August 14, 2007


As our heat wave settled in for a long visit, Mick and I made our Morning Offering before going to work, he to mow and I to catch up the lost time on preparations for the trip to the L/L Research gathering on Mackinac Island. I created a hand-out version of the quotations database I had gathered for my Outer Shift speech, editing out some quotes and arranging the remaining quotes so that they followed the lines of my talk. I got that to Gary some time after lunch.

I spent the remainder of the afternoon putting together the enhanced outline of that speech, choosing the quotations which I wished to include in the talk itself and then going over the speech outline again, mentally offering the talk and noting the places where I wanted to add more information. It was perfect timing: I finished my work and was printing it out when Mick called bath time.

Gary joined us for dinner and the Gaia Meditation after Mick and I had enjoyed a sweet tryst together, transferred enough energy to bring me to the moon and back, let alone Mackinac Island. Gary asked, β€œAre you ready to go?” I grinned and told him that I needed to pack yet. Wide eyes from the Bean man, who was already perfectly prepared! And of course I could never have gotten it done by myself. But I had Mick to help, and he has packed with me for dozens of events and knows my needs.

As we sat and conversed before the Gaia Meditation, I made lists for what I needed in clothes, non-clothes and in my purse. With the lists to help us both, I gathered each outfit – accessorizing the main garments with shoes, socks and underwear – while Mick gathered items such as the hot pad, small bible and hymnal, extension cord, flashlight, my computer and all its cords, its mouse, extra batteries and my cell phone charger.

By the time he had collected and packed all of that non-clothing, I had gathered a few full outfits and I was able to keep one outfit ahead of him until we were finished packing. My dinner dresses are all silk, or polyester masquerading as silk, and I chose day outfits that were also of a fine texture. By making no bulky clothes choices, I was able to take everything I wanted to bring and still have a loosely packed suitcase.

The second suitcase will hold my washing-up kit and my great big, body-long pillow, which I call Buddy, since I hug up to it as I sleep each night. It is a wonderful invention for those of us with sore joints, as it cushions everything, especially the knees and the neck and shoulders. I really cannot do without that pillow! At 10:30 I could declare, most happily, that I was all packed and good to go.

We relaxed and snuggled with the kitties until 11 PM and offered each other our last good night kiss for a while. We will pray together each night I am gone, as is our custom, before we go to bed. But it is hard to kiss long-distance! Mick said he was actually looking forward to having some alone-time! It is rare that he is alone in the house, and for a loner, this coming weekend has its attractions for him!