Wednesday, August 22, 2007


After a most restorative night’s sleep, I woke at 6 AM – a bit late for me. I had just enough time before waking Mick to write our web guy, also the producer of A Book of Days, to let him know that I had signed off on the proof. Yesterday I told him I saw an error in the text and he had written to ask me to find it so it could be fixed. So I let him know that I could not re-find a missing word in Appendix One in ABOD. Three times going through the text did not bring it up to my not-so-eagle eye again.

I also wrote the Camelot Journal entry for the day before our trip to the L/L Gathering on Mackinac Island. I ran out of time, the last day before travel, to do that and was catching up. Now to write a consolidated entry for the time of the conference! I shall use my early morning time for that, when it is available.

After Morning Offering, Mick sailed off into the sauna of our record-breaking heat wave to work. He said this was the last day of normal mowing until the weather lifts. Grass had been growing sluggishly, due to just enough scattered rain from time to time. With this latest dry spell, it has stopped completely. Fortunately, Mick says, he has a good many chores backed up and will be able to continue working.

I spent the morning and the first part of the afternoon writing my UPI article for the week. Then I spent the remainder of my work day on Chapter 7 of 101. It felt great to get back to that. I firmed up the section on which I had been working before the L/L Mackinac gathering and moved ahead into the next section.

Before I left my “desk” I sent Gary a request for him to set up Jim’s voice mail on his cell phone. I could not get Mick after calling him twice. I knew he would want to know that his manual hedge clippers were repaired. But I could not get through.A working voice mail should fix that.

I was quite weary by 5 PM and also sore of ankle. I cannot tell you how it happened, but I came away from the trip to our "grand" L/L workshop on Mackinac Island with a sprained ankle. I wrapped it this morning, but it throbbed all day. That sort of pain tends to make me wearier, as I have to exert some will power to work around it. Jim came in equally exhausted. We gratefully sank into a good hot bath and soaked our soreness away before coming upstairs for relaxation and Amy Goodman. I dozed through a CSI episode. We had dinner with Gary and then he left to see Valerie while we offered the Gaia Meditation, with me praying at the end, and finished our day snuggling with the cats before lights out at 11 PM.