Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I had vowed to spend this day writing the Camelot Journal entry for the trip, and that’s just what I did, from after Morning Offering until Jim called bath time at 6 PM or so. I did not get the journaling quite finished, and shall need to finish that tomorrow.

The weather was much nicer after the big storm, reaching only into the 90s. Mick did errands in the morning and worked in the yard all afternoon, making things look their best. Carmen came to offer her volunteer time in the afternoon, and I put her to work on my sweaters, of which I have a large collection. She most kindly took the time to sort them out and fold them all neatly again, cleaning cat hair as she went and consigning several sweaters to the wash. It is grand to have my collection all ready for fall. Once the weather turns cold, I am never without a sweater. I love them so! Snuggly, cozy and soft, they are grand garments. And now I am ready for autumn. Thank you, Carmen!

After Jim and I bathed, Mick took a nap while I conversed with Carmen until supper time. Carmen reports that she may be moving soon, called west by some mysterious impulse. I was sorry to hear that, for we love having her here, but wished her very well. She left Camelot to find her apartment right after the Gaia Meditation. I read while Mick cleaned the kitchen and then we ended our day snuggling with the cats. We said good night about midnight.