Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The heat wave continues! Long-held local weather records are dropping like flies. Our low for last night equaled the normal high daytime temperature for this time of year. Yet after Morning Offering, Mick went to work as usual, and I am thrilled to say he came home in great shape at the end of the day after mowing a few of his lawns where his clients have sprinklers or water faithfully by hand– the rest are busy turning golden and crunchy – and taking down a pine tree for a customer. That sort of work always alarms me, faintly, as the possibility exists in any high ladder work for falls – not the tree but Mick! In the event, Mick says he nailed the job, the tree falling precisely where he intended.

Meanwhile I began getting the material ready for our hand-out booklet for the L/L Research Homecoming 2007. L/L has put on two Homecomings already, in 2005 and 2006, devoted to the chakras, and this is a third time through. It seems redundant, yet the attendees from last year chose this year’s topic, not we. i think it may be inexhaustible. The study this year will focus down on what the chakras tell us about who we are. That is a good platform for launching our Channeling Intensives and I look forward to working with this larger group of about 29 people.

I was able to finish the red-ray selections before lunch and send that work on to Gary, who is collecting them, editing them for me and then at the end, creating the total package of information for the gathering.

I started the afternoon by attempting to open and work with Steve M’s comments on Chapter 4 of 101. However I could not get the document to let me change it. Naturally, that won’t work! So I sent it back with apologies and a request to put it in a different format. I am not sure what it was, but it came with an Adobe Reader icon.

I found, when I began working on Chapter 7 of 101, that my mind was fuzzy on just how the rest of the chapter on the heart chakra should be arranged, and so I decided to spend my remaining work time doing foundation work. I took the outline of the chapter so far and cut-and-pasted in those categories all the quotations from my old quotes collection that fit. Once this was done, I had seven pages of unassigned quotes to work with. For each of those quotes, I jotted down its topic. I ended up with eight topics still to cover.

I took my time in sifting through these topics and the already written material and found a niche for five of these topics. This left three categories, and I could now see my way clear to the end of the discussion. I did not actually write new material today, but I prepared the ground for writing the rest of the chapter, and it felt really good. in works of non-fiction, it is handy if the author knows the ending!

It is also doubly effective work in that I have done most of the needed work for preparing the green-ray selections for Homecoming’s hand-out packet. All in all, this was a very good working day!

I must say, the noise of the work crews outside the house was horrendous today as they passed our house, laying sewer pipe on our street. The thuk-thuk-thuk of the toe ram told us they were there! However by the end of the day they had passed our house and we should have quieter days ahead.

Along the way, I did some e-mail. Renee C, my new UPI editor, wrote to assure me she’d changed the spelling on Bob R’s name in this week's article as I requested. Gary had noted that naturally I would like his name to have an “LL” – but it is spelled with only one!

The man who produced "A Book of Days", our web guy,Ian, wrote to say that we could order a few early copies of ABOD so that we could offer them at Homecoming, and Gary called blitzprint to find that this was do-able. We immediately ordered some copies. So by the end of August we shall be able to offer that sweet book for sale! I’m so stoked!

And I sent a couple of “love letters” to Gary and Melissa, thanking them for doing a superb job and discussing topics which are ongoing between us.

Gary and I consulted throughout the day on small details having to do with the upcoming L/L Homecoming. We decided to rent an air conditioner and a fourth wall for our outdoor "tent", in order to create a comfortable environment for the group's study.Gary also got fans to circulate the cool air. We also decided to accept three late-comers into the gathering, since we have rented a larger tent than we had originally planned.

I ended the afternoon working with snail mail at the desk and found wonderful, heart-lifting notes from Morris H, who had sent L/L a very handsome donation, and Romi, who had sent Jim and me a personal gift of cash to spend on a night out. Romi’s gift will be added to our Ashland fund. We now have saved back almost enough gift money to be able to pay our bills there when Jim competes in the Senior Games trials in Ashland next month. Zowie! Wow! What wonderfully loving people surround us! It is humbling indeed.

After our bath, Mick and I took in a fascinating edition of Democracy Now and some of Jon’s and Steve’s political satire as we dozed on and off, both of us weary from the day. Dinner, the Gaia Meditation and a kitty-snuggle ended our day and we said our bedtime prayers at 11 PM.