Friday, August 24, 2007


The Rose of Sharon is looking so lovely in our front hedge, with its many blooms nodding in the slight, sultry breeze. We cleared 100 F again today and Jim gave himself a slightly shorter day, putting off one very rigorous yard-clearing-and-trimming job until next week when, mirabile dictu, the weather may moderate JUST in time for Homecoming. The far forecast actually had Saturday coming in at a high of 78! May it be so.

After Morning Offering I worked on the indigo-ray energy center quotes collection for the Homecoming Packet. Mick was quite late coming home for lunch and as I waited for him I got started on the very last collection, of violet-ray quotes. I got about halfway through that work by 1:30, when Sir James finally rolled in.

We had a delightful, restful lunch together and then Mick went out to mow a large estate while I came upstairs to spend the afternoon reading through and changing the two sections I have just completed to make final changes and then writing the last section of Chapter 7, on green-ray healing. The first rough draft of Chapter 7 is now done! Whee! Doing my happy dance!

I am so glad I am immersed in the discussion of these chakras in writing 101, as the timing could not be better for being the facilitator for group discussion on them during the Homecoming. My intense familiarity with the material should be an asset.

Mick and I bathed and had a refreshing and revivifying date before descending the stairs to find Romi on the phone with Steve E, who is almost entirely through with the part of, our spiritual activism site which we have yet to launch, which has to do with web-casting. Steve told the Ro-Man that he is quite sure we will be ready to broadcast by the second week in September.So I guess our launch will begin with that!

Romi says that the software Steve is using for the webcasts has a feature which PalTalk did not – it can collect a digital file of the broadcast. This is great, as he can send that right on to BBS Radio, which now wishes to re-broadcast our channeling sessions. We cannot do them live as the beginning timing of the sessions is uncertain, but BBS can broadcast them "live on tape" the next day.

I need to write Don N, who issued the invitation on behalf of BBS, and put him together with Romi to work out the precise details. I also need to ask Don if he needs anything from me in the way of an introductory sound bite or a closing snippet to run with the sessions.

Romi and Gary sat down and worked out all of the airline pick-ups and send-offs, as we have six people coming in and eight going out – Gary is leaving with for Peru to visit Macchu Pichu the Monday after Homecoming, and Ryan, Tiff's fiancée, is flying in Sunday to join Tiffani and Gary. Ro will take care of most of the airport driving. I reserved the right to deliver the threesome going to Peru, in order to send them off with all my love. Gary has knocked himself out on behalf of this upcoming Homecoming and it will be extra special because of his thoughtful preparations.

We decided for sure to do the live, planted flower altar. Jim will take the latter afternoon tomorrow to scout for appropriately colored flowers to plant, as we want to have them in a circle, in all the chakra colors. Jim says green is the toughest, as Bells of Ireland are usually out of stock this time of year, but I suggested a nice ivy or other ground cover if his search fails to find those.

Gary will also call Steve F tomorrow and ask not just about the central crystal for the altar, but also about his bringing lots of his incredible crystals and salting the grounds with them for the occasion. I know Steve will love doing that.

And Romi still wants to string our tiny, colored Christmas lights around the tent’s top, to continue the colors-of-the-chakra theme. What a great setting we'll have!

Gary called the Anchorage police to notify them that we’d have 13 cars here over the weekend, and they were most appreciative of his thoughtfulness. They promise to watch out for us during the weekend and wished us a Happy Homecoming.

The first attendee, Talitha, arrives a week from today! It will be so great to see her again! We had a lovely lunch together when she visited here last spring for a channeling session.

Again, our talk went way late, and Mick and I came upstairs for only a short kitty-snuggle before saying our last prayers of the day together and turning out the lights at 11 PM.