Sunday, August 26, 2007


After a brief Morning Offering I came to St. Luke’s to be part of the choir at the Memorial Service of a good friend of my parents, Dow S. I attended a Cursillo Reunion Group with Dow and his wife, Jane, throughout most of the ‘80s and he was a very good friend of my Mom’s, doing a good bit of volunteer work for the church together at the diocesan level for decades. It was a blessing to be part of his official farewell. We sang “Ave Verum” and several hymns and psalms. The Eucharist was choral in honor of Dow’s having been a member of St. Luke’s choir for about 40 years before he lost ground in physical health to the point where he was unable to sing.

Dow is a good example of those who can use religion, with all its confining dogma, and still easily make graduation to fourth density positive. I never met a sweeter guy in my life except my Mick. His every word was a blessing to hear.

Jim had been abustle all morning on a zillion errands and we rendezvoused when I got back from the service for a lunch of leftovers from the Red Lobster before Mick went out into the sauna of the afternoon sunshine to spiff up the yard. Our little acre is really a garden everywhere, rather than a yard. At almost 7 PM he re-emerged into the house, having collected eight huge garbage bags full of weeds and other yard waste. He had removed two large stands of wildflowers, black-eyed susans and a sweet purple bloom, both of which were way past their heyday and which had been burned by the relentless sun until they were ruined, even with daily watering.

Now, he says, he is ready to plant some new flowers in the place of what he removed that look fresh and add color to our Rose of Sharon and hydrangea bushes. as well, he is replacing blue geraniums, roses and plantings on "Wuthering Heights" that have failed in this summer's extreme weather. He plans to spend the early evenings all this week, after his Jim's Lawn Service work days, doing the planting and getting our little acre mowed, trimmed and ready for Homecoming.

Gary and I spent the afternoon going through the seven collections of quotes, one of each chakra in their rainbow colors, choosing which quotes to study and which to separate into a “For Further Study” section in the attendee binders. We finished just about in synch with Mick! It felt good to accomplish that, as now Gary can finish readying the material for the Homecoming binders.

I took a bit of time to write our web guy concerning the various interviews I have had with BBS radio personalities lately. He is trying to track them all down to collect them for our archives.

Also, I did some searching on the internet, looking for more information about Rudolf Steiner’s “olorono” exercises. Janet, of the Mackinac Island gathering, was hoping to find out just how to do those exercises, as the Q’uo group had recommended them to her in the channeling session that wound up the L/L Gathering there earlier this month. I did not find the exact exercises, but did find a Steiner Eurhythmy site which lists practitioners. Hopefully she will find what she needs in writing to them.

We celebrated Saturday night by finding a James Bond film on the tube and enjoying that while we dined. We paused for the Gaia Meditation at 9 PM and when the movie was over at about 10:30, we had our kitty snuggle, saying good night at 11 PM.