Saturday, August 25, 2007


Surrounded by the drone of fans and air conditioners, after Morning Offering I spent the morning finishing the last of the L/L Research 2007 Homecoming chakra collections, violet ray.

I was also able to get another Aaron/Q’uo Dialogue edited, and sent that off to Barbara Brodsky, my co-channel, so she can edit Aaron’s part. The work goes much more swiftly now that I do not have to edit the whole session but only Q’uo’s words. Barbara's eyes are much better now, and she has volunteered to edit Aaron's part!

Judy R’s pre-editing of the A/Q sessions makes my job so much quicker and easier! Judy has made an art out of understanding my editing style and can now predict most of my decisions. Paragraphing changes were the most frequent changes I made. I like to open up the look of the text by inserting frequent paragraph breaks. The material is wonderful, but sometimes dense, and the literal space around the words helps.

In the afternoon I massaged the last seven pages of Chapter 7, adding a good bit to the last section and now feeling ready to do one last read-through of the whole chapter before letting my little child out into the world as far as Steve M’s reviewing eye. It feels swell to be finishing another chapter. Next: a discussion of the blue ray in Chapter 8.

At the end of the afternoon, Gary and I discussed briefly the way we will divide the quotes for each chakra into two parts in the Homecoming binders, those to be read during our discussion and those to be offered for further study.

If we are lucky enough to have Carmen’s help tomorrow, we shall put her to work starting to assemble the information binders for the attendees. It will be a big job, collating 30 copies of our 100+ pages of information, 3-hole-punching them and so forth. The binders will be colorful! Gary’s got paper colored as closely as possible to each of the chakra colors. All except for indigo and violet. With those two, we have not yet found the right color papers.

Mick came home from his work-day with three of the seven colors of flowers needed for the living altar. He had been to four nurseries nearby on his way home. I told him that if he could not find any more varieties of colors, we’d use what we have, as the already collected flowers look more than festive!

After a lovely, long whirlpool, Mick and I ventured out into the crushingly heavy heat of the evening to use Romi’s gift to us of an evening out. We went to the Red Lobster Restaurant, where I enjoyed a lobster pasta dish and Mick had a seafood platter. We had such a good time and came home with tons of leftovers and very full tummies. YUM!

We offered the Gaia meditation in the car coming home and finished out the night with a kitty snuggle before saying good night at 11 PM.