Friday, August 31, 2007


As August draws to a close, L/L Research is finalizing its 2007 L/L Homecoming plans. Gary and Mike B cooked up the dinner feast for welcoming people tomorrow evening. The tent came and was erected in the back yard. We will not need the tent “walls” after all, as there is no prediction of rain for the whole weekend, and the weather has moderated most cooperatively. We will have highs of about 85 for our Homecoming; easily enjoyable with the help of our four rotating fans. Gary found quiet ones, thankfully.

I spent the first part of my morning working on a letter to Lance White, the Zany Mystic of BBS Radio. He had asked some central questions about the Harvest and Ascension, and I thought this was an excellent opportunity to improve the quality of our on-air discussion next month, since my views run counter to those who predict a sudden rapture and posit the harvest coming for each of us during the death process, easily, painlessly and non-invasively in terms of living out a normal life.

Then I turned to editing the interview I did with Gina Jones on BBS, so it was a radio morning! I am far from finishing it! But I made some progress.

In the afternoon I turned to working on Chapter 8, and wrote the first pages of that chapter, which discusses the blue-ray energy center and the joys and challenges of communication. I worked until almost time to leave for my haircut appointment.

As I left, I called Steve F, who will supply us with some crystals for the Homecoming; a crystal ball for the living altar and other taller crystals for the yard. He will either bring them himself, tomorrow, or call me for help in collecting them.

Driving west on I-64 at rush hour is like playing one of those video games where you must make many skillful and sudden changes, dodging in and out. This is because there is an entrance ramp which is three lanes wide, then two, then one, then it disappears; then another lane of the expressway disappears. Then there are still two lanes to cross if you want to avoid being shunted off to I—265, the local beltway. Whee! Stanley Outback made the job easy, but still my tummy tenses doing such moves!

I got a great haircut from Jazz and Lee Ann colored my naturally invisible eyebrows the color of my hair. I do look my best with the eyebrows visible, so it is my one cosmetic, the “permanent” brow color. I tend not to use any cosmetics at all these days other than that.

I came back to find that Talitha had arrived! What a joy to see her again. We have a special connection indeed. She shared conversation and pizza with Mike, Gary, Mick and me, and then the Gaia Meditation at 9 PM, with Mick offering the closing prayer.

Gary immediately set out with Mike and Talitha to drop her at her hotel and to pick up another attendee – I am not sure which one! It is all starting to jumble together in my mind. Mick and I said good night at 11 PM after a snuggle with each other and the kitties.