Thursday, August 30, 2007


I know that L/L’s Homecoming 2007 is near now! I began my grooming routine today. When I was in school, I prepared for a big test by getting a good night’s sleep. When I prepare for a Gathering, I groom! I know the material we will cover very well. So I get ready for the event by eliminating all concerns that I might not look my best. Then I can facilitate the Gathering with my whole mind on the job at hand.

After Morning Offering I spent the morning work period editing another session of the Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues. This is the first of several sessions of co-channeling in the sixth weekend during which Barbara B and I channeled together in tandem, and it feels good to get on with this project. There are nine weekends of sessions in all, and the material just gets better and better.

Melissa came to town from Avalon, put in some laundry and chipped away at chipping-and-shredding a humongous pile of small branches Mick had collected as he did clearing work for his customers these last two weeks. I collected her at lunchtime and we went to KT’s to satisfy my craving for their excellent, small steak sandwiches. We had a wonderfully satisfying lunch! Yum!

And then it was grooming time. I dropped Melissa here to finish her chipping and shredding and went to Absolutely Salon, where Bethany, my nail tech, spiffed up my nails and then painted the tidy toenails and fingernails in the rainbow colors of the chakra body. I love that look, as it is very festive as well as functional! I have little “visual aids” right at my fingertips, literally. And toe-tips, come to that.

I was home in time for Jim and me to bathe and relax for a bit, and then I was off to the school-daze season’s first choir practice. Summer is officially over! We’re singing the Vivaldi “Gloria” for St. Luke's Christmas Eve Service. It is a piece I dearly love, although I found that singing its soprano part is a strain for my voice. The median note is D, nine notes above middle C, and my throat was increasingly tight as we practiced. There are times I wish I had had voice lessons at some point, to learn better how to deal with that. But I will do well by the time the blessed eve rolls around. I always settle into a piece after a while.

I came home to find that Mike B, who arrived early today to help Gary prepare things for Homecoming, and the G-Man had transformed our living room so that the maximum number of people can sit therein. This year he remembered to leave my recliner in the folded-out position. Whew! Once the furniture is in position, I can’t reach my recliner control. Thank you Mike! I grinned at him and asked if Gary were working him hard. “Oh, yes,” he cheerfully replied.

Mick had come home from his full day of work to join Melissa outside for more yard work. He cleared away the fallen leaves, bark and small twigs which our very “dirty” double sycamore produces quite heavily. He says that Friday he will rake around everywhere we have falling leaves – and due to the extreme draught, we have leaf-fall all over our acre – to make the preparations for Homecoming complete.

The new plantings are so very fetching! There is color everywhere now. Mick has done a superb job of repopulating our lost flower tribes. All that remains to be planted are the flowers for the chakra altar garden in the middle of the Homecoming tent, and Mick cannot do that until Friday, as the tent will be erected tomorrow, which is Thursday.

It would probably be more comfortable for everyone if we held this event in a hotel. However it is so homey to open up our own house and make everyone welcome right here at Camelot that I am always glad when we do it this way, even if it is lots more work to prepare. This year is no exception.

Mike, Gary, Melissa, Mick and I sat down to a good dinner and then we had the Gaia Meditation and a good conversation before Melissa decided she needed to be driving back up to Avalon Farm, while Gary and Mike decided to take in a movie, “Stardust”. Mick and I came upstairs for our traditional kitty snuggle and bade each other a sweet good night at 11 PM.