Sunday, September 02, 2007


Happy September! The day dawned sweet and cool. It is a miracle to be having this good weather, in the face of our previous solid month of excessive heat and humidity. Thank you, Lord! Mick and I made our Morning Offering in company with many of the attendees and had breakfast before launching into a full day of study under the big tent-top.

Steve F had brought some crystals by for us late last night, and we added them to our living altar. It is quite lovely with the crystals added. Everything looks so fresh and bright – the flowered altar, the meadow grasses underfoot and the faces of the souls who have joined our Homecoming. As I walked out to the tent and took my seat – the best one in the house, it being my office recliner from upstairs – I gave great thanks for being allowed this heart-opening weekend of study and companionship.

In the morning session, we studied the first two chakras, red and orange. Mike B read his original poems before each chakra discussion, a beautiful addition to our workshop. In red ray, the group asked a good many questions about the Confederation’s views on pornography and solitary sex. I figured it was probably because these two items are part of many people’s lives, and yet the traditional sources of authority on moral matters frown on both. The discussion was so lively that we only got through a page and a half of the ten pages of study quotes. This is a great group!

In orange ray’s discussion, the group was interested in video games and other electronic sources of entertainment and edification. Again, it seemed to me that these sources of orange-ray catalyst are under-discussed in the orthodox religious places of authority.

We had a long lunch break, with excellent salad, soup and sandwiches put out by Gary and Mike T. Jim and I took a ride in Steve T’s Jaguar, checking up to see if Mick’s Monday lawns need the mowing. Because of that small rain we had Thursday overnight, the grass has grown indeed. Mick is employed come Monday! It was fun to hear that Jaguar purr. I do love the sound of a clever engine!

In the afternoon study session we tackled yellow ray and green ray. This year’s crowd was not at all fixated on work as a catalyst, which I found interesting. We really have some sturdy, happy seekers this year! In past years, the focus has tended towards a focus on depression and despair in red ray and un-enjoyed work in yellow ray. This year, people seemed solid about relishing their days and working in joy.

In the green-ray discussion, the group seemed focused on the paradox that green-ray love is the very centerpiece of our learning in this density, and yet it can be blocked by being rejected by an other-self. Having been centered on my Jesus, who hung upon and leaped triumphantly from the sweet tree of sacrifice, my whole life long, I had no trouble whatever knowing that green ray can be blocked in terms of people’s non-acceptance. That does not make unconditional love any the less powerful, to me. People block their bliss constantly on this dear planet! Yet the glory is that bliss remains there, unaffected by rejection, ready to forgive those who know not what they do.

After the regular discussions were over, those who wish to join a channeling circle next year met together to decide how to proceed. We agreed that L/L Research would offer four channeling intensives per year, starting next April and continuing in July and October of 2007 and January of 2008. The series of intensives will go on indefinitely, as it is my view that repetition alone creates confidence in a new channel. There are over a dozen people who hope to join our channeling circle! I look forward to engaging with them next April.

We all went out for dinner to Hometown Buffet, an Alice’s Restaurant type of place near here where you can “get anything that you want”. The food was good and the company, better. We repaired back here to enjoy a bonfire and some wine together. The tent looked so pretty in the gibbous-mooned night, strung as it was all around with colored lights by our Romi. After enjoying the fire for a while and watching as the salamanders leapt within the settling flames and glowing embers, about half of the group repaired to the tent for a Gaia Meditation. It was an excellent, intense meditation, most refreshing and good to share. I offered a song at the end for our closing prayer.

Mick and I said good night to the group, had our whirlpool and then went upstairs for a tryst before snuggling with the kitties and saying good night around 11:30 PM.