Saturday, September 01, 2007


Aaron T, who was the guest coming in late yesterday whose identity I could not remember, joined Mick and me for Morning Offering. I chatted with her for a while, catching up, before I went upstairs. Aaron is transcribing my letter tapes from that period in my life around 1990, when I was truly down for the count, being unable to sit up vertically. I could, however, work with audiocassette tapes, and did my counseling that way when I received requests by snail mail. It is great to see her!

I worked through editing most of the rest of the interview Gina Jones and I did on BBS Radio on June 6. It is taking way longer than I thought. The text itself is pretty clean, but there are some pervasive difficulties with the format which are time-consuming to repair. Another morning’s work should see it finished.

The house was a hive of activity when I came down for lunch. Gary and Mike B were working hard! You can’t realize how much preparation goes into welcoming 30 guests into your home until you’re there! Talitha joined us for lunch and we all settled in to a great conversation.My job for the afternoon was to man (woman?) the telephone and welcome guests as they arrived, and other than record a couple of notes on future Difference Makers columns, my computer work was at an end for the day. What am I saying? For the weekend! Other than writing entries in this journal, I’ll not touch anything to do with regular work until after we have seen all our guests off, sometime Monday afternoon, I suppose. Or even Tuesday! I am not sure when the last guest departs.

People kept arriving every few minutes, until the living room and the kitchen were both bursting with people. At about 4:30 I went outside to sit in our tent and settle in for the opening of Homecoming at 5 PM. I wanted to see the yard, all spiffed up by the loving labors of Mick, and get the feel of our environment before the guests came outside. Everything was hushed and expectant! The tent had its perfect circle of empty, inviting seats.

Mick had made a beautiful living altar by planting flowers in the chakra colors in the middle of the lawn inside the tent, and the meadow was trimmed and pleasant to the feet. Green trees and bushes made a beautiful backdrop, all around the tent, and the sky was cerulean and flocked with little clouds. It was just perfect. Even the weather had softened a good ten degrees, and the humidity was much lower than any time this month! Thank you, Lord.

We opened the Homecoming, after a few necessary announcements like where the bathrooms were and caveats not, not, NOT to let the kitties out, with a talk around the circle. It was an astonishing two hours of getting to know fascinating, complex and entirely wonderful folks who were new to me, and catching up with those who have been here before once, twice or many times through the years. One attendee started off by saying, “I’m new,” and I told her, “Not for long!”

As the evening fell, we broke for the feast Gary and Mike had prepared. Jim contributed by making garlic bread and baking some potatoes this afternoon. The place was awash in great conversations!

We wandered back to the tent outside for the evening session, beginning with a talk by Romi V on the Homecoming’s topic, "Who Am I”. One of our most experienced volunteers at L/L, and a wise seeker indeed, this was the Ro Man’s first time of offering to speak before the assembled, and he did a great job.

People continued to trickle in throughout this time, and we ended up with everyone present except Bob R, who was driving in from Toledo and had been able to leave only after getting off work. I hope he arrived safely! We shall see him tomorrow morning.

We offered the Gaia Meditation together, with me offering the closing prayer, and then I spoke about the weekend to come, focusing especially on those who have come to this Homecoming to begin to prepare for forming a channeling circle later this year. My thoughts were extremely well received. I could feel the love energy pouring through this great group of people. I know we are firing the grid non-stop! By the end of this Homecoming, the heavens will be singing with this good energy!

I finished my talk at 10 PM and then everyone broke into revolving and evolving groups to chat and deepen new acquaintances. We have a baby with us again this year, Reiko, a little sprite of very few months, Lorena L’s daughter, and she gave us a rousing concert halfway through Romi’s talk. It’s such a homey and heart-warming thing to hear a baby cry. I kept thinking, this is SUCH a great group. My heart soared like a hawk!

Mick and I took the last little bit of the evening for a good kitty snuggle and sought our beds around 11:30.