Monday, September 03, 2007


The Homecoming rolled onward with its own excellent momentum. Mick and I made our Morning Offering together with a roomful of attendees. Melissa had arisen early and laid out breakfast for everyone, and the bustle and stir was lively, voices animated in conversations with new friends. It is very heartwarming to see the new connections being made and people moving deeply into honest communication. So many of the attendees at any L/L gathering say that this is the first time they have ever been able to talk unguardedly about their interests and thoughts.

We all strolled out to the Homecoming tent after Morning Offering and took up our study of the chakras. Before lunch we had discussed the blue and the indigo rays. We did not discuss violet ray, as it is not a ray with which one can work.

It was a quieter and broader discussion today. We moved through all the material laid out for reading, and discussion was spread evenly through the material. I love this year’s group for its great willingness to jump right in and speak. There were a few quiet people in the group of 30 or so, but they were not silent because they were shy, only because they were thinking.

After lunch, Mick and I repaired upstairs and took a nap together. What a balm that was. I fell asleep before I got the cover unfolded, which I found when I was awakened by Mick for the afternoon session. For two and a half hours we went back to the tent and talked around the circle, each person addressing the Homecoming 2007’s theme question, “Who Am I?” the beauty and profundity of the answers in the group was stunning and heart-opening in the extreme.

It was so remarkable! I have asked the participants to e-mail me an approximation of what they said. A few had responded to the question by sharing original songs and poems, and I asked them for a copy of their work. It will make an incredible UPI column and perhaps help a wider audience think deeply about this all-important, central spiritual question.

We got into our caravan of cars and sailed back to the Hometown Buffet for our last official communal meal. We had lost a few attendees who had early flights out, but still sat down at table with 22. We were fortunate today to hit a manager who let us all sit at one big table, over in the far corner where no one else was sitting, so it was more festive than yesterday’s supper. Affection and laughter fell like rain.

When I came back, Terry gave me a wonderful Reiki session while Mick built another campfire and started to put away the many parts of our kitchen which we had gotten out of drawers and cabinets so attendees could find things they needed at meal times. It was a lovely, peaceful Reiki session, smoothing out all the rough edges I didn’t know I had. Terry and Leonard, her husband, tell me they are thinking seriously of moving to the Louisville area so they can be a part of our local L/L family. What a grand addition they would make! Leonard was one of the people who offered an original song to answer the question of “Who Am I? It would be good to have another singer in the group!

I wandered out to the bonfire after the Reiki session, enjoying the guitar playing that Jeremy was doing and Tiffani’s occasional drumming. After a half hour or so, I started to doze, and knew it was time to let the evening go. I am such a kid sometimes! I don’t like to miss a party!

Mick and I came upstairs and snuggled with our kitties, who were frantic to be with us after two long days of not seeing us in the house much at all, and said good night around 11:30.