Wednesday, September 05, 2007


The punishing heat returned to Kentucky as the last attendees left Louisville and today was close to 100 F, which did not stop Mick from mowing a full day. He left after Morning Offering as I came upstairs to … take a nap. I intended to work, but sleep came and got me, sitting in my comfortable office chair, and I awoke only at lunch time, having lost a morning’s work.

In the afternoon I researched and then wrote a Difference Makers article for my UPI column, finishing just as Mick called bath time. This week I chose to write about peace marcher Ashley Casale and her small band of hikers. Their web site is, if you would like to check her out for yourself. And if you are not on the send list for my weekly articles, write and Gary will add your name and e-address.

Mick and I had a whirlpool and then came upstairs, where my new bedroom air conditioner made it nice and cool for us as we had a date and then meditated together before bestirring ourselves and catching an episode of CSI Miami. We came downstairs for supper just as Romi arrived to do computer maintenance and to record an intro and an outro for the BBS channeling broadcast next weekend.

We caught a good take on the intro the second time and it took only one take on the outro to suit us. Then we called Don Newsom to finalize everything. He decided that, rather than broadcast our Saturday night meeting the next day, he would broadcast it the next Saturday, a week later. We decided that 6 PM and re-broadcasting at 6 AM the next day would be good – the 6 AM broadcast makes it possible for Europeans to hear the broadcast at a convenient time.

The title of the show will be “L/L Research: the Q’uo Communications”. Go to to learn more.

We talked with Don until quite late, and finally rang off about 11 PM, so we said good night to Romi and came upstairs for a fairly short kitty snuggle, turning out the lights at 11:30 PM.