Sunday, September 16, 2007


Our draught continues, but with far cooler temperatures, the high today barely reaching 70 F. The sad thing about some of the leaf fall is that the coloration is missing. The dry ground is not nourishing the trees, and the leaves are simply turning a dull brown and dying. We have watered faithfully all summer, and our little acre is fairly happy. Along the expressway especially, though, one can see the cost of this extended desert period. I fear we shall see trees dying.

As well, we have seen far fewer bumblebees, wasps, yellow jackets, honey bees, butterflies, dragonflies and tree toads. All the sounds of summer have been muted. I read in the blog that the marchers had encountered a vast number of dead butterflies en route.

After Morning Offering, Jim roasted a turkey and cleaned the kitchen, then took off for errands while I batted away at my e-mail, a traditional Saturday pursuit for me. I spent some time working with questions from Steve E, as he has been wonderful at moving plans forward for I am in hopes that the site will open, in a very limited way, sometime this week, holding only the on-line store and the link to our BBS broadcasts at first. It will be a signal blessing to have a secure site where people can buy our books and other products on line.

I also asked our web guy at to update the Home Page paragraph concerning our public meetings in order to reflect the new time of the meetings and also the rearrangement of the channeling sessions to the second and fourth Saturdays.

Football called, and feeling very weary still, I decided to go with that lazy feeling and take some time to relax and enjoy. So Mick and I watched the Wolverines over lunch and a variety of other games as the afternoon waned into evening. Meanwhile I read an interesting book by Charles de Lint about dream-stealing vampires and the world of faery.

It was especially apropos as the heroine, a “true dreamer”, ran into writer’s block because without her dreams, she could not create her stories. I happen to be having a mini-block working on Chapter 8 of 101. An odd coincidence! Here’s hoping that Monday sees me back in the flow I usually enjoy when writing.

Mick did some chores in the yard while I napped, and then we met again for supper and the U of Louisville versus U of Kentucky football game, an annual rivalry of local interest and, this year, of national interest since the quarterbacks for those teams are ranked first and second in the nation. They both did well, but errors on U of L’s part made the difference and gave U of K the well-deserved victory. It was the best game I saw all day. I am sorry for U of L, though, as the National Championship is now denied them. One must have an all-win season to aspire to that.

We cut the game short to enjoy a silent meditation with Romi, a sweet time of resting in the powerful silence together. Afterwards, Romi shared his Love Tea and we conversed while finishing the game up on TV. Romi flitted about for a while, maintaining the computers and checking the network, and we talked more about going deeper into “Who Am I”.

We bade the Ro Man good night around 10:30 and snuggled with the kitties until about 11:30 before turning out the lights.