Thursday, September 13, 2007


What a perfect, Edenic day! It topped out at 79! Mick only changed T-shirts once today! It was noisy early, as this is the day the sewer people chose to create our hook-up. So for most of the day, the big machines were pounding, digging and backing up, clanking and roaring right outside my office window. At the end of the day, however, our hook-up was completed. I imagine the noise shall back off now, until they are ready to re-pave our little country lanes.

After Morning Offering, Mick went off to garden for a customer while I came upstairs, intending to edit. However I first wanted to enter a recipe into the database. For the first time, I noticed how raggedy my recipe files were up here on Jenny Traveller. So I spent a silly but extremely satisfying morning straightening out those files. Perhaps it is not too silly, as the database represents a good source for an L/L cookbook in the misty future.

Mick and I were able to lunch together and stretch afterwards. What a treat!

I spent a lackluster afternoon writing on Chapter 8 and then deleting what I wrote, ending up with a net gain of perhaps a page. It is humorous that I, a born communicator, am running into a block in describing just how one becomes a blue-ray communicator. Perhaps it is because it IS such a natural, inborn gift of my character. I never have had to work at communicating, except to develop my listening skills. So how can I describe that which I know not how I do? Well, I’ll hit it again tomorrow!

I was very glad to hear Mick’s truck arrive back at Camelot. He had rigged up a way to get up to ten feet so he could trim hedges for a customer this afternoon. His usual ladder is at Avalon, where Melissa needs it right now for chicken coop roofing. So he ad-libbed with a Garden Way cart, atop which he perched a shorter ladder. It sounded shaky to me, but he did fine with it, thank the Lord.

After a lovely whirlpool and Amy Goodman’s interviews with journalists who are attempting to penetrate shady Iraq dealings, interspersed with bits of Stargate SG-1, I headed to choir practice at St. Luke’s. We are rehearsing music from the Tudor Songbook, out of which our anthems for the next two Sundays come. We also worked on chanting the psalm of this next week. I do love the sound of chanting.

We offered the Gaia Meditation and had supper. Then we came upstairs for a tryst, charging our batteries, praising the Lord and having fun indeed. It is a blessing to be sexually active at this late date. I am 64, an age at which many have ceased having the opportunity or the ability to be active. And certainly Mick's and my dates are far less athletic than when we were first together as "kids", almost 30 years ago. But we experience the same wonderful electrical connection now as we always have, and as Yoko said of John, “it’s so good, every time!”

We snuggled with the cats and said good night at 11 PM.