Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Our head of state has no eloquence in his make-up with which to describe 9-11, but Roosevelt’s “day of infamy” quote, about Pearl Harbor, does well for this anniversary day. After Morning Offering I spent some time in the office, making labels for some files, getting some copies of A Book of Days ready to mail out when Gary gets home, sending Monica L’s letter concerning my UPI article to the upstairs computer and generally straightening the somewhat disheveled office.

I found a box of items which, when I unpacked it, could be identified as Gary’s collection of items from our sales table at Homecoming. So I tucked away T-shirts and books and stowed some toiletries which had arrived from The Peaceful Company, where I have found the best deals on Dr. Hauschka products.

Dr. Hauschka is a German firm which creates holistic products for face and body and I use their deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, hand cream, nail cream and bath oils, the latter not in the bath but directly on my dry, dry skin. They are the only products I have found in years that work for me and though they are expensive, they are worth it to me in terms of comfort.

I wanted to use Monica’s letter in my UPI article, which was due for me to write today, and in it she referred to a Q’uo channeling in which we answered a question for her last year. I spent the remainder of the morning searching for it, but it took me until lunch time to find it.

So I broke for lunch with the article unwritten and came back to the writing in the afternoon. Fortunately the article almost wrote itself, as I had dream material to include, stories to tell, and the Q’uo’s beautiful words of comfort and strength to share.

I did a bit of e-mail then, letting Ian know that in the “letter tapes” section, it would be good to include Joan’s and Aaron’s names, giving credit to them for the transcription of the 150 or so letter tapes in our archives. Usually we do not give credit to a particular volunteer, as so many volunteers gang up on the transcriptions. However this particular niche is the work of only two people – an outstanding amount of work, patience and loving affection.

Rho M, who is webmaster for Scott Mandelker, sent me a video of a kitty cat eating with a fork, spoon and chopsticks and I wrote to thank her for it, sending it on to a couple of cat-loving friends of mine.

I forwarded to Melissa a notice from Community Farms of America that they will have a gathering later this fall. I offered to attend that with her. I have not been to one of their meetings yet, though we, on behalf of Avalon and L/L Research, are members of the organization.

I spent the remainder of the work day on Chapter 8 of 101, finalizing, for the most part, the second section of text. I will read it through tomorrow and check my work, but it is good to see the chapter taking shape. It always surprises me to see how it shapes up. We writers may think we are in control of our material, but in actuality it has a stubborn shape of its own that wants to come forth, and we can only have the art to cooperate with that, not boss it around!

Mick called bath time after his pleasant day working in 80 F temperatures, and we enjoyed a quiet evening, seeing bits of World Music on Link TV, taking in Democracy Now and conversing before dinner. After the Gaia Meditation, with Jim praying at the end, we thought to see an episode of House, but had seen it already, so we worked a bit in the office, Jim catching up his e mail and I deleting spam from the L/L Inbox so that when Gary returns, he does not have all that to look at as well as the hundreds of e mails he will actually have to address.

We then came upstairs and snuggled with the kitties, saying good night at 11 PM.