Saturday, September 15, 2007


Steve E wrote to say that he was ready to launch our on-line store, so after Morning Offering I set about doing what I could to help him finish up the details. I purchased an SSL certificate – do not ask me what it is, except that it is necessary for an on-line store – and fished out the latest price list I have on our products, which now include 11 books, plus our tapes and T-shirts.

I spent the remainder of the morning trying to discover whether the bank at which L/L Research has its account or its Merchant Service has e-banking services. I never did hear back from National City, but I did connect with our agent at TermNet, and she was able to give me a rundown on the costs involved in e-banking with them. Having satisfied myself that the best deal for e-banking was Steve’s choice, I got him the information he needed to know in order to set up an account with them.

Both Steve and Jeremy W are to be praised for collaborating on getting the new www.bring4th site so far advanced towards launch! A whole lot of work goes into such enterprises! Kudos, Steve and Jeremy!

My afternoon was taken up with going to Baptist East Hospital for a mammogram. “Did it go well?” asked Jim at bath time. “It went really well, if one accepts that closing one’s boobies in a door is a good thing,” I replied. What torture! However I tolerate the tests yearly as a favor to my G.P., Dr. Aboud, an earnest woman who wants to be sure I don’t get surprised with breast cancer. There’s no chance of that IMO, as neither my mother’s nor my father’s family has even a single instance of any kind of cancer. In my family history, it is always the pump which conks out, or the vascular system.

After our whirlpool, Mick and I enjoyed a sweet date together before going downstairs to dinner and the Gaia Meditation, with Mick offering the closing prayer. There is a delight to Friday nights, a quiet glow which stems from our knowing that we can sleep in on the morrow. We lingered long with the kitties and finally bade each other a most fond good night at midnight.