Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Mick sailed off in a cloud of dust after Morning Offering to mow and garden while I came upstairs to write my UPI article for this week. I fear that I have somehow lost some of the “Who Am I” pieces from Homecoming attendees, as I recall seeing pieces from Lorena L and Aaron T, but could not find them, nor could Gary. However I used the half dozen which I had in hand to compose a very nice column. I think people will enjoy thinking about the various answers people offered to that ancient question.

I came down early to attend to office business, writing a check for a bill which had somehow gotten lost in Gary’s mail pile before he went to Peru and which he had just rediscovered. It was a charge card bill for L/L Research of a sizeable amount, so I am glad he found it. I think we mailed it in time to avoid a late fee.

Mick had stopped by home, so I broke early for lunch and enjoyed his company. We did our stretching exercises for the first time in a while, something that is very good for us both, especially as we get older and creakier.

I did a bit of e-mail before going back to Chapter 8 of 101. St. Luke’s is looking for a new name for their “Hoge House”, which is a large home abutting St. Luke’s acres that was donated to the church by Mayor Hoge some time back. The parish had used it, up until this summer, as a rental property. Now they are using it as the staff building, making it a part of the St. Luke’s campus proper.

I suggested three names – “Magnificat House” since the Magnificat is recorded only in the Gospel of St. Luke, “Macedonia House”, since Luke and Paul went over to Macedonia because they needed help, and “Covenant House”, since bringing the house into church use is the promise kept which Mayor Hoge offered when he deeded the property over.

Jim called bath time and we enjoyed all the activities of a quiet evening at home – whirlpool, watching Amy Goodman, having supper and sharing the Gaia Meditation with Gary.

Gary also treated us to a slide show of his vacation at Macchu Pichu in Peru. Gary really hiked a bunch on this trip! He had photos from atop a young mountain which overlooks the site, perhaps 1,000 feet above the already-high ruins! I can see he had a wonderful journey with good company and beautiful scenery everywhere.

Mick and I came upstairs for a snuggle with the cats before bedtime at 11 PM.