Monday, September 24, 2007


The high temperature on this Sabbath day broke a record for the high which had been set in 1891. It rose to 96 F. Our parched land is dusty in this merciless sun. I went to St. Luke’s and fanned my way through a sweltering but beautiful service. We sang “Give Almes for thy Goodes” by Weelkes, and intoned Psalm 15, and Father Ken gave a fine sermon on planning, reminding us that it is the Creator’s plans we are here to further.

Jim had cleaned the house and done some errands when I returned, and we met for lunch and our three films for the day. It was lovely to kick back and relax with “The Pursuit of Happyness”, which starred Will Smith looking mature and doing a terrific job with his role. His son won the audition fair and square and played his character’s son in the film. It was upbeat and fun to watch, with great production values. It was based on a true story of American rage-to-riches success.

Mick made some popcorn and we dove into the second feature, “Archangel”, starring Daniel Craig. The film was a political thriller which posited that Stalin’s son was still alive. Craig was excellent, as was Gabriel Macht as a second-banana character and Valery Chernyak as a supporting character.

The land of Russia was an unofficial star in this hauntingly photographed little gem of a movie. From the grim, soulless, gargantuan apartment complexes of Moscow to the stunning breadth and depth of the Russian countryside in winter, the camera brought home much of what I have read about this enormous country. And the director had kept colors very muted in the costumes, so that the chiaroscuro of the countryside and city was intensified. I loved this film!

After a break for Mick to nap and then work in the yard on our fish ponds a bit and for me to enjoy a round of solitaire, we started, but did not finish, “One Perfect Day”. The film reminded me of “Blow Up”, a Michelangelo Antonioni film starring David Hemmings and Vanessa Redgrave. In both movies someone dies and that event is very loosely surrounded by a sort of wandering narrative. However, “Blow Up” held my interest in spite of the chaotic filming style, whereas Mick and I finally gave up on the perfect day, which did not seem so very near perfection, after about an hour. While the color values were spectacular, the sets fascinating and the actors excellent, the script itself just did not hold us. Call us un-hip!

We had supper together, offered the Gaia Meditation, with me praying at the end, and came to bed to snuggle with the kitties before saying good night at 11 PM.