Sunday, September 23, 2007


After Morning Offering, Mick and I did a bit of cooking, making bread pudding for the occasion of Sandy S.’s visit next Wednesday night and also making egg salad for lunches next week. Then Jim took off for his Saturday round of errands while I came upstairs to work on e-mail, often my chosen activity on a Saturday.

I had some dreams of getting all caught up, which did not happen. But I

• Wrote a dozen or so e-thank you notes to people who have commented on my UPI articles, letting them know how much I appreciated their thoughts and kind words
• Sent some encouragement to Dianne S, whose personal situation is complicated right now
• Wrote Rick C about politics and told him of our chicken laying a double-yolk egg – imagine my surprise when I cracked it open!
• Thanked Melissa for her photos of the new Avalon chicken coop and run
• Thanked Rho M for sharing a video of a sea gull who steals a bag of certain kind of potato chips each day from a Southern seashore store, which is truly funny to see
• Thanked Romi V for working on the web-casting of our sessions
• Confirmed with Lance W that I am on for next weekend, the 29th, at 10 PM my time
• Talked with Jolyon T about paragraphing – she was wondering how her transcriptions held up in that regard. I encouraged her not to worry, that paragraphing is a personal thing and she can’t possibly second-guess me, nor should she have to
• Thanked Gary for passing on the news that a Russian Law of One fan has now translated the first 15 LOO sessions into Russian
• Thanked Steve E for coming up with the idea of creating collections of quotes for the bring4th web site that bear on FAQ’s and also for his Reiki healing, which he does at a distance and which is having a good effect
• Thanked Bob R for sending me Anna H’s contact information. Anna was an attendee at Mackinac Island, and would like to host an L/L Research event in Norway, where she lives.

In the midst of this The Mick Man and I had lunch and took in some football. U of L was beaten soundly by a team they were expected to drub by over 30 points! So much for U of L being rated in the top 25 football teams nationally. Coach K indicated that the team would be working on a few things! (I am guessing that would be defense!) It made for a good game, if one was not attached to the outcome, as there was lots of scoring on both sides and the ending score had only a three-point spread.

After Mick and I bathed and shared some supper with Carmen, we had our regular public meditation meeting. Gary, Romi, Mick and Carmen attended here locally. There were eight attending from distant locations via our private chat room.

It was a channeling Saturday, and Romi was on hand to do the web-cast. However there was a screw-up and, sadly, the web-cast failed. The problem was that Romi closed his laptop once the session began, in order to get the glare of the screen out of his eyes. He was not aware that closing the laptop would cause the computer to shift modes to “stand-by”. It stopped the web-casting, although the computer did record the session. So we will be able to send the session on to BBS Radio for their broadcast of it, which I believe occurs later today.

Romi felt so chagrined! I assured him that making mistakes is OK around these parts! And I found him a nice big cloth to put over the screen from now on.

The session ran long tonight. It was a good session, I think. It responded to questions about what the difference was between knowing the self and accepting the self and also about how the Confederation sees our “ordinary” days. Romi made his Love Tea and offered shortbread to go with it, afterwards, while we conversed. The party broke up as midnight approached, and Mick and I ended the day with our kitty snuggle and some vedge TV.