Friday, September 21, 2007


The 90-degree sun shone bright on my old Kentucky home today – again – while Mick mowed, after Morning Offering. I spent the morning editing the second of the two speeches I gave at the L/L gathering on Mackinac Island, working from Mike T’s very clean transcript. I hope to make more progress on it tomorrow morning. It is a long talk!

I was able to dine with Mick at the noon hour, always a treat, and to do our stretching exercises with him. I spent a bit of time working with Gary in the downstairs office before coming upstairs again, and in the course of our conversation, found that he had been keeping a file of comments on my UPI articles and other writings and channelings, under the impression that I would not want to see them. I totally see how he would get that impression, as his job involves keeping me free to create. But I do like to see what people are saying, and to have the chance to respond. So Gary will send me that whole folder of comments and I can catch up on what my critics are saying tomorrow.

I ordered a book on spiders for Melissa which she had requested when I got back to my office. I also wrote the Development Committee members, Bill H and Steve M, asking them to start planning an Operating Funds campaign for L/L Research. Since we acquired an admin, a bookkeeper and an Avalon caretaker, we have expenses of about $3,000 per month for their fees. And they are so needed! And they work so hard! Gary and Pam both do the best job in the world in the office. Melissa, also, is the world’s finest farmer! So we need to provide the funds for them, as well as meet the other expenses normal for offices and farms. It is wonderful to be able to call upon these Board members.

I also wrote Tiffani, head of the L/L Board’s Marketing Committee. We have a new book out, A Book of Days. It is a beautiful book, containing much inspiration. However, once the advance orders had been filled and the Homecoming attendees bought copies, sales dwindled to almost nothing. We need to get the word out. I do not know what it takes to get the book reviewed, either. Again, it is wonderful to have her expertise. She has been extremely successful at marketing her own firm’s wares.

I came along, on Chapter 8 of 101, going through the entire chapter again and seeing how to end it. However I am not happy with the middle part yet and will look at that tomorrow to see if I can help it to flow better. I also wrote a couple of thank-you notes, one to Leonard G, who had sent his wonderful little book of poetry and also his CD of songs and poems, and one to Steve M, who had sent us a CD of meditation music called Om Deeksha. they are great additions to our Library and given with such love and affection!

Our evening flowed far better than Chapter 8! After our bath and Democracy Now – a heart-breaking series of interviews with various people involved in school integration from Central High School in the mid-‘60s to the Jena 6 scandal – we took it downstairs. Jim watched Miami win over Texas A and M at football while I worked a couple of the New York Times Sunday puzzles which Eric S’s Mom had most graciously sent me. After offering the Gaia Meditation with Gary, he took off for Valerie’s while Mick and I went upstairs for a kitty snuggle before turning out the lights at 11 PM.