Wednesday, September 26, 2007


After making our Morning Offering together, Mick set out for another very full day of gardening, trimming and, yes, just a bit of mowing despite the draught, which has deepened to a ten-inch deficit. I spent the entire day, except for the lunch hour, on the UPI article on the Jena Six.

It was amazing how deep in confusion the reporting was. It took me until 4 PM, using the internet to read article after article from all over the country, to come to a sense of just what actually happened there. I have never before seen such a clear example of how our news is spun and twisted according to pre-existing assumptions and points of view on the part of the reporters.

I believe I finally got the story told correctly, and was able to make my points, thanks to a very good session from earlier this year, which I quoted several times, on the appropriate use of catalyst and the nature of prejudice. But the writing went late, as I had a deadline to meet and could not put it off until tomorrow. So after Mick and I bathed and shared our news of the day, I went back to work and finished the column around 7 PM.

We had dinner together with the Ro Man after I sent the article in to UPI, while discussing BBS broadcasting matters. Romi wanted direction on several points. He intended to call Don N at BBS and straighten things out voice-to-voice, but either Don’s telephone was acting up or ours was. He could not even leave a message. So he sent Don an e-mail instead, and will try again tomorrow to make the call. Don prefers the telephone to e-mail.

Romi offered the ending prayer at the Gaia Meditation, after which we enjoyed a bizarre episode of “House” which was, nevertheless, enjoyable. Hugh Laurie played a bit of guitar in the episode. I had heard that he is part of a rock group in Britain, and he certainly could blow his axe, as my jazz-drummer Dad would have said.

After we said good night to Romi, we enjoyed a sweet date together before saying good night at 11 PM.