Tuesday, September 25, 2007


We broke another record for high temperatures that had stood since the 1890s today, the temperature soaring to 97 F. Mick promised to do a rain dance if we get rain tomorrow, and I am holding him to it!

He set off, after our Morning Offering, for an extremely full day of mostly chores – trimming, pruning and reducing half of a tree, with its many branches, to firewood and kindling. The tree had fallen over in the still of the afternoon, the owner said, in its natural rhythm of dying. She heard the creaking and was able to get outside and watch it gracefuly decline to the ground. Jim says the tree is full of heart rot. He was not to return to Camelot until almost 6:30, a very long day for him.

I found some e-mail when I awoke and before I went downstairs to awaken Mick, I had worked with that.

• I wrote a fellow St. Luke’s choir member, reminding him of a payment for one of our choir CDs which he had forgotten to make for the last month or so. I am in charge of the CD monies.
• I wrote Gary suggesting that we include a “Thank You” section in our web site for all of our many loving and faithful volunteers.
• I wrote Ian, thanking him for all the work done on our Book of Days announcement on the Home Page. I also confirmed his wonderful idea of providing a PDF file of the BOD cover for those who would like to download Michele Matossian’s beautiful cover art for their desktop. She is a graphic artist. Her resume is at http://www.ncsu.edu/scivis/lessons/careers/michele.htm and her work can be seen on http://www.lightweaver.com/. Take a look to enjoy mandalas, whimsies and a wide range of moods, textures and colors.
• I wrote to confirm with Carol C that I am expecting Carol and her husband to meet me for dinner on October 4th! She has other business locally and decided to meet me while she was in town, as she is a Law of One fan. I always look forward with keen anticipation to special meals, sensualist that I am.

After Morning Offering I came back to my office to make my Camelot Journal entry for yesterday and also to catch up on the Avalon Journal by writing an entry for September 3rd, when Bob R and I spent the afternoon there. Then I worked on the speech from the L/L Gathering at Mackinac Island entitled “Are We There Yet?” Somewhere in the middle of that work, I broke to enjoy a lunch of Avalon eggs from Dusty Rose and the Comets, which I had made into egg salad last Saturday.

I spent most of the rest of the afternoon on Chapter 8 of 101. I am extremely happy to report that finally, finally, I found the glitch, moved a bunch of material around in the middle of the chapter and now the chapter flows! I still need to write the last section, but by the time I finished reorganizing the middle of the chapter, I was too mind-tired to create one more creative sentence. So I went back to e-mail.

• I wrote Gene P at St. Luke’s about possible names for the newly inaugurated “Hoge House”, a lovely home adjacent to St. Luke’s which has just been opened up for use as the new home of the church staff and choir. I suggested Damascus House, since it was St. Luke who accompanied St. Paul to Damascus, Magnificat House, since the Magnificat is found only in the Gospel of St. Luke, and Covenant House, since making the home part of the St. Luke’s campus was the promise made by Mayor Hoge, who originally donated the property.
• I let Gary know that the Avalon Journal entry was now made and asked him to insert Bob R’s photos from that trip.
• I suggested to Gary that we have an interactive map for meditations, particularly peace meditations, so people on our B4 site could join in lots more times than just our daily Gaia Meditations.
• I wrote him again to suggest that we offer to sign our books on our order blank. I saw that feature on Neale Donald Walsch’s site when I was getting his citation right in a footnote to the Mackinac Island speech and was impressed by its thoughtfulness.
• I wrote Ian about an editing question in Terry H’s channeling session.
• I confirmed with Roman that we can talk about the protocol for our webcasting before the Gaia Meditation tomorrow night and call Don N at BBS, and also thanked him for listening to BBS yesterday evening to be sure that our session was being broadcast as arranged. He says that it is, and that it sounds fine. He also said that it is free! That is a blessing.
• I sent a note to Elihu E, sympathizing with his computer glitch and congratulating him on wading through over 350 e-mails which had accumulated during the time he was unable to work his e-mail software.
• I wrote Jessie H at the Courier-Journal, following up on a story idea for the UPI Difference Makers series. She wrote an article some time ago about Pat Smith, a victim of the Comair disaster last year, in whose memory a bunch of his friends and family built a Habitat for Humanity home. I could not find that story on line and hoped she would be able to send it to me, or tell me where to find it.

Since Mick was late, I used some extra time to gather materials for the UPI article I will write tomorrow on the Jena Six. I found good sources on several sides of this series of events and will follow up on that tomorrow with writing the actual article.

Before I came downstairs, I cleared my desk of mail. Melissa’s book on spiders had come! She will be happy to get that. Bob R had noted on September 3rd that a humongous arachnid hanging from the screen on Sugar Shack’s back porch looked to be a brown recluse. So Mel asked for a book, to be sure before she nukes the bug. I also completed a couple of Publisher’s Clearing House entries. I like to send those in and dream of being able to endow L/L Research and to build our dream home on Avalon as well! It is fun to dream, and this particular lottery only charges the price of a stamp to enter.

Mick’s back was sore as it could be from all the heavy, bent-over work on the fallen tree, so we had a long whirlpool and then a very quiet night, watching a block of Star Trek Enterprise, offering the Gaia Meditation, with Mick saying the prayer at the end, and coming up to bed fairly early. We dozed happily until saying good night at 11 PM.