Tuesday, October 02, 2007


This is a big day for me personally, as it is the first day where the month is in double digits. Happy October! when we hit this day, I know the year is a dead duck! Christmas is just around the corner!!! It’s still hot and dry here, but the leaves on our dogwood and redbud trees are turning beautifully anyway. It must be all that good watering which Mick has been so conscientious about doing all summer.

The draught has really affected the birds. Our bird feeder was emptied by this evening and Mick just filled it yesterday. We shall all need to take special pains to provide for our feathered friends this winter, as the fruit trees got blasted by a late freeze last spring and are not producing fruit. Birds give us so much beauty and song! We shall need to give them back some good seed for their little feathered bodies this winter.

I edited on the Homecoming channeling after Morning Offering while Mick sailed off to his mowing and gardening work. I got it about halfway done. My morning work time was shortened by the repairman coming to behold - not repair, sadly - our upstairs TV. It turns out that a pair of something buffers or buffer somethings, without which the TV cannot work, are bad. He was able to ascertain that the TV itself is in perfect shape.

The repair will cost $515. I had a long discussion with the repairman, who encouraged me to junk this TV and buy a new set instead, as I can get a replacement for under $1000. I listened carefully to his suggestions and reasoning, but it made little sense to me. Why replace something I can fix, just to have a longer warranty? It sounded like conspicuous consumption to me.

We shall have to wait until October 11th in order for the parts to come in, so I shall continue having to rouse myself at true bedtime to come up to bed, instead of meandering upstairs at 10 PM or so, as we normally do, catching one last TV show up in my bedroom while heading towards the Sand Man.

I took a bit of time to follow up on Mick’s and my talk with Bill H by sending him my quote collections for the Mackinac Island Gathering talks, since he was interested in 2012 and all the dire predictions he has heard from others. He wanted to know what the Confederation is saying. I also sent him my speech on the outer aspects of 2012’s shift. I do not yet have the first speech, on the metaphysical aspects of the shift, back from the transcriber.

Mick was able to stop by Camelot for a quick lunch and I greatly enjoyed his company. He then took off speedily for a packed afternoon schedule while I came back to the upstairs office to work on Chapter 8. Mirabile dictu, I finished it! I shall have to read it over one more time tomorrow to catch the little things that always escape a first reading, but the writing is done. Praise the Lord! And onward to Chapter 9, in which I will finish discussing the energy body by looking at the indigo and violet rays.

Mick and I had a restorative whirlpool and bath and then a delicious date. We rested and talked in the afterglow for a while and then turned on the TV and watched a block of Star Trek Enterprise episodes while we supped. I prayed the ending prayer at the Gaia Meditation at 9 PM. We said good night at 11.