Saturday, September 29, 2007


There were still damp spots on our walk as I got the paper! What a novel experience! The weatherman says that barring hurricanes, which often give us backwash this time of year, we are still in a draught pattern. So I must appreciate this special time of visible moistness in our Kentucky earth!

After Morning Offering, Gary joined Mick for their Friday Mowing Extravaganza and had a full morning of it. I edited on the interview I did with Marcia McMahon last June. Melissa came and got me when she arrived and had showered, and we went to Lemon Grass for lunch, then to LabCorp to deliver my lab test blood for the month and to Office Max to get a new mouse.

Back at the house, Melissa went about her many chores while I came upstairs intending to work on Chapter 8. However I could not get my new mouse to work! After trying to work with the old one for a while, I found myself becoming overwhelmed with frustration, as the cursor stuck most of the time, so I allowed myself to quit at 4 PM instead of 5 and do other things. Gary, who was cooking for next week down in the kitchen, later came upstairs, trouble-shot and fixed the problem.

Jim roused me from my reading for bath time, and then we had a date, emerging for dinner, the Gaia Meditation and Jim’s football game du soir. We sought to make official our slumber, sweet slumber, at midnight.