Friday, September 28, 2007


Wondrous to report, it rained overnight, almost an inch of delicious water from heaven! We are still 9” into a draught, but as Mick said, at least it dampened down the dust!

After Morning Offering, Jim set out on a round which prohibited his joining me for lunch, so I had the house to myself today. I spent the morning editing on an interview which I gave to Marcia McMahon of “The Peaceful Planet” show on BBS Radio this June. She asked all about ascension, so I am glad to get some more material on that hot subject up on our site for our seekers in case they are looking into that topic.

It is tedious work to edit live talk when the people involved have bad verbal habits. Mine are “So…” at the beginning of sentences, where the word is totally unneeded and “You know”, also a sentence starter with no virtue. We won’t get into Marcia’s! That would be rude! So, you know, I whiled away the morning hours.

After a very pleasant lunch, reading on an historical novel set in the 12th century and starring an improbable 12-year-old heroine that goes on King Richard’s Crusade pretending to be a nine-year-old boy, I worked on Chapter 8 for most of the afternoon, completing the section on “All You Need Is Love” and starting the section on blue-ray sexuality. It all feels good!

At the end of the afternoon, I found myself with extra work time as Mick was quite late returning home from his labors – he had run into extra work being asked of him by two of his customers during the day, and he always likes to oblige them if he can, bless his service-to-others heart. So I did some e-mail.

My first send was the following announcement, which I received from Elihu E and passed on to my nearest and dearest, Mick and Gary – and now to you, for a laugh:

“The government today announced that it is changing its emblem from an eagle to a condom because it more accurately reflects the government's political stance. A condom allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pr***s, and gives you a sense of security while you're actually being screwed!”

Bob R really likes some of the forum and chat room features on David W’s site and wrote offering to pay for the same software for our upcoming www.bring4th site, so I forwarded his letter to B4 webmaster Steve E. Steve wrote back almost immediately – I must have caught him on his commute – saying that our site already had similar software, and better, as far as he was concerned. He said that he, too, would like to get forums and chat rooms up as soon as he is able to complete the secure-site store.

We’re all set with our store, except that we are waiting to get the CSR handshake completed and Jeremy W, who most kindly is donating his server, is tied up with other things and hasn’t been able to get back to Steve on completing the CSR details.

I shall write Bob tomorrow with this news and thank him for his great ideas and generous spirit.

Jessie H from the Louisville Courier-Journal wrote to give me the phone number of the newspaper's Library, which is where I may be able to obtain e-copies of her articles on Pat Smith. He died in the Comair crash a year ago at Lexington, and his family and friends finished a Habitat for Humanity house he was working on when he died. I thought he’d make a good “Difference Maker” for my UPI series.

I wrote a thought-letter to Gary about our “Thank You” page for volunteers and donors to L/L Research, discussing details of that page. I also cc’d that to Board members Steve M and Bill H, with whom I am in the midst of arranging a discussion about mounting our operational funds campaign for the year.

I also asked those two, in a separate letter, if either of them had access to a conference-call-featured telephone, since a live three-way conversation is so much more flexible than a series of two-way e-mails and/or telephone calls.

My laptop's mouse is dying, unfortunately. My working day was fraught with times when the mouse would not respond. It was as if it got stuck, again and again. I replaced the battery twice, thinking it might just be a bad battery, but no joy there. I also rebooted the computer twice with null results.

And as a final fillip of frustration, somehow the recording feature got turned on. I must have hit some button or other unknowingly. So for a while the mouse would not function as a mouse at all and I had to navigate on my writing of Chapter 8 by directional arrows and the “End” key. It was not until I turned off the computer at the end of the day that I found a little window in which I could turn off the feature. I was never so glad!!

Tomorrow, I believe I will obtain two new mouses, a plug-in mouse for work in the office and a new small battery-driven one for when I am on the road.

Mick rolled in at 6:30 and we gratefully soaked away the frustrations of the day in the bathtub . We came upstairs then, intending to relax with some TV and kitty-patting in my bedroom, but, alas, the theme of the day persisted. My TV broke! It died in mid-sentence. I see a repairman in my future.

So we came downstairs to enjoy supper and watched a block of CSI episodes while we chatted about our day. We offered the Gaia Meditation, came back upstairs for a snuggle with the cats and said good-night at 11 PM.